List of Seiko Watch Movements

Below is a list of Seiko movements. The Seiko calibers that are already listed on the site will be linked directly. Some of the listings aren’t ready because real images are still needed, please check back or submit a caliber image of the movement in your watch.

If you know of a Seiko calibre that exists but isn’t in the list, please add it to the comments below.

Seiko Automatic Calibers

4R Family:

5R Family:

6R Family:

6L Family:

  • 6L35 – 3-hander auto with a date
  • 6L37 – 3-hander auto with a date

7S Family:

8L Family:

8R Family:

9R Family:

Spring Drive, Grand Seiko

9S Family:

Automatic, Grand Seiko

NE Family:

NH Family:

Automatic, SII/TMI (non-Seiko branded)

Y Family:

Automatic, SII version (non-Seiko branded) of the 7SXX.


Seiko Mechanical (Manual-Wind) Calibers

9R Family:

Spring Drive, Grand Seiko

  • 9R01 – 8 days power reserve
  • 9R02 – Manual-wind
  • 9R31 – Manual-wind

9S Family:

Manual-wind, Grand Seiko

  • 9S64 – 3 days power reserve

Seiko Kinetic Calibers 

Seiko Quartz Calibers

1B Family:

  • 1B21 – Solar powered, radio controlled, ladies watch
  • 1B22 –
  • 1B25 –
  • 1B32 –
  • 1B35 –

5K Family:

5S Family:

  • 5S21A – Smooth sweeping seconds quarts, no-date
  • 5S42A – Smooth sweeping seconds quarts, date

5X Family:

  • 5X53 – Solar powered GPS

5Y Family:

  • 5Y22
  • 5Y23 – Quartz, day-date
  • 5Y30
  • 5Y31
  • 5Y32
  • 5Y39

9F Family:

Grand Seiko Quartz

  • 9F85 – Time Difference Adjustment
  • 9F86 – GMT
  • 9F61 – Slim, no-date
  • 9F62 – Slim, date

VH Family:

Sweeping seconds (seconds hand moves 4 times per second)

  • VH31 – 3-hander time-only, no-date
  • VH60 – 24 hour subdial (6)
  • VH61 – 24 hour subdial, pointer date subdial (12-6)
  • VH63 – 24 hour subdial, pointer date subdial, day of the week subdial (3-6-9)
  • VH64 – Pointer date subdial, day of the week subdial (3-9)
  • VH65 – Pointer date subdial (3)
  • VH67 – 24 hour subdial, pointer date subdial, day of the week subdial (12-6-9)
  • VH68 – 24 hour subdial, pointer date subdial, day of the week subdial (2-6-11)
  • VH83 – 24 hour subdial, pointer date subdial, retrograde day of the week (3-6-9)
  • VH88 – 24 hour subdial, pointer date subdial, retrograde day of the week (2-6-11)

To do:

S. Epson Movements

  • VS22B – Quartz, solar-powered
  • VX36 – Quartz, day/date
  • YN55A – Automatic
  • YN71 – Automatic, open balance wheel
  • YM12A – Quartz, chronograph
  • YM62A – Quartz, chronograph
  • Y120G – Quartz, small
  • Y121E – Quartz, small

NOTE: This list is a work in progress. We are actively updating it, as well as the corresponding caliber listings. If you do not see what you are looking for here, check back soon.

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Seiko Caliber 7A28 Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
1 year ago

[…] List of Seiko movements […]

1 year ago

The SGG733P1 Titanium watch from Seiko, carries a 7N43 quarts caliber that is not on this list yet.

1 year ago

Add the Seiko quartz caliber 7546, Manufactured between 1977 and 1987.

1 year ago

vd 78 in a technomarine moonsun,818007

1 year ago

I recently acquired a vintage SEIKO wristwatch, advertised as stemming from 1980-1989 (but it looks like something from the 1920’s). It has an octagonal case, with a round dial, an automatic movement and a day- and date-window at 3 o’clock. On the dial, at 12 o’clock it is marked SEIKO with a stylised ‘5’ in a shield-shape underneath and at 6 o’clock with Automatic, 21 Jewels and Japan 6319 – 6030 T. On the round back-cover it is marked with 922024 and the number 6319 – 603A and a flat-topped A within a small square. Does anyone know, what movement… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Bo

Well, wasn’t that hard to find after all. On a Seiko Watch Corp. site: Seiko Cal. 6319A, produced from 1984 on. 21 Jewels, Lignes: 12”’, 27.06 x 5.35 mm, Diashock (resistance), ball-bearing bi-directional rotor (Seiko’s “Magic Lever”), 21.600 Bph (3Hz, 6 ticks per second), Quickset day and date, up to 47 hrs. power reserve. How about that! Was right there, marked on the dial…

31 SEIKO 5 AUTOMATIC 1980 1 feffd00c-ae40-4e06-996a-fd0d91e3064a.jpg
7 months ago

Seiko Kinetic 7D48 movement not on the list yet

Peter Lee
Peter Lee
6 months ago

2R06 apparently not listed – used in SRE00#K1 Ladies watches

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