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Shanghai Watch Factory Caliber SS1K

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Manufacturer Shanghai Watch Factory (上海)
Caliber Number SS1K, SS-1K
Based On
Shanghai SS1
Jewels 17
Beats per hour 21,600 bph
Power Reserve 45 hours
Anti-Shock System None
Hand-Windable? Yes
Hacking Seconds? Yes
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds
Country of Manufacture China
Known Models
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The Shanghai caliber SS1K (also written as SS-1K) is a 17 jewels (17 zuan) manual wind mechanical movement. It is based off of the original Shanghai caliber A581 (which evolved into the A611). This caliber was introduced in circa 1972 and produced until 1975.

There will be two letters above the caliber number. This is the date code for when the movement was manufactured.

Shanghai Caliber SS1K vs SS1 (SS1A)

The SS1K beats at a higher 21,600 bph vs the SS1/SS1A beating at 18,000 bph. The SS1K also has a larger balance wheel.

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[…] 18.000 vph (2,5 Hz), se fabricó entre 1966 y 1972. Fue posteriormente reemplazada por la variante SS1K, aumentando sus alternancias a 21.600 vph (3 Hz) e incorporando un volante de mayor tamaño que […]

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