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Seiko Caliber 5R65

Seiko Caliber 5R65

Caliber Number5R65
Movement TypeAutomatic
Power Reserve70+ hours
Frequency32,768 Hz (Hertz = cycles per second)
FunctionsHours, minutes, central seconds, date
Country of ManufactureJapan
Known ModelsSBDB008

Seiko caliber 5R65 found in the Seiko Marinemaster Golden Tuna. This movement has 30 jewels, power reserve of 70 hours, consists of 292 parts, and beats at 28,800 vph. It has a column wheel and vertical clutch. Made in Japan.

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According to Seiko official documentation, they claim that this movement has an accuracy rating of +/- 15 seconds per month in normal operating conditions and temperatures (-10 ~ +60 degrees C).

Power Reserve

The caliber 5R65 has a power reserve of 70 hours. Once the mainspring is fully wound, it cannot be over-wound thanks to a slipping mechanism that prevents the mainspring from over-winding. Watches with this caliber typically have a power reserve indicator on the dial. According to Seiko:

The mainspring of the watch becomes fully wound when it is worn for twelve hours for three to five consecutive days. In a case where you wear the watch for a short period of time each day, observe the power reserve indicator to check the level of the remaining power. If necessary, manually wind the mainspring.


This Spring Drive automatic movement is most notable for it’s super smooth Glide-Motion second hand. You can see it up-close in action here.


There are two variations of this caliber: the 5R65 with 30 jewels and the 5R64 with 32 jewels. Both of these calibers have the same usage, the difference being that the 5R65 has a central sweeping seconds hand and the 5R64 has a small seconds hand.


At the time of this post, Seiko calls for all repairs and overhauls to be sent to Seiko Watch Company in Japan for service. They will not provide any movement parts to watchmakers.


Note: a photo of this movement is desperately needed to complete this listing. If you have an original photo that can be posted, please let us know.

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Richard Warrer
Richard Warrer
6 years ago

This is an absolute fantastic timepiece!

Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson
5 years ago

I have this movement in an SBDB009, spring drive Tuna and has been lovingly referred to as the mac daddy Tuna. The particular watch I own was built in 2014. I purchased it used and am the 4th owner, with no intentions of selling it. In fact, Ibsikd my 6 digit Submariner as I always wore this watch in favor over the Sub. Why? Well, I like the near perfect time keeping ability of this SBDB009. Where my Sub lost two seconds daily, this spring drive Tuna gains two seconds/week. You can’t get better time keeping in a mechanical watch… Read more »

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2 years ago

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