Seiko Caliber 9t82

Seiko Caliber 9T82

Seiko Caliber 9t82

Caliber Number9T82, 9T82A
32,768 Hz (cycles per second)
Driving System
2 part step motor
Hacking Seconds?
FunctionsHours, minutes, central seconds, 1/10 seconds chronograph subdial, 6 minutes chronograph subdial, 12 hours chronograph subdial, date
Country of ManufactureJapan
Known Models Seiko Sportura, SLQ007, SLQ009 (add more in the comments below)

The Seiko caliber 9T82 (actually marked 9T82A) is found in Seiko Sportura chronograph watches, as well as some other models. This kinetic movement is assembled by hand in Japan and is considered to be a high end caliber.

Is it an Automatic or Quartz?

The caliber 9T82 is a kinetic movement. Although it has a rotor that makes it look like an automatic movement, and a battery-like capacitor which stores the energy, it is not categorized as automatic or quartz. Imagine a self-winding automatic movement, but instead of winding energy into a mainspring, the kinetic movement winds energy into a capacitor (also referred to as an accumulator). Seiko refers to this as a Kinetic E.S.U aka electricity storage unit.

Charging the Watch:

Kinetic energy is transferred from from the rotor and stored in the capacitor. The way to achieve this is to swing the watch from side to side. Seiko states that it takes about 200 swings to get the watch charged enough to run normally. It is not recommended to set the time/date until the watch is fully charged (see more in the Hacking the Movement section below).

Power Reserve:

A full charge on the caliber 9T82 will last for approximately 1 month. The chronograph function uses a lot of energy, therefore the power reserve quote is based on using the chronograph less than 3 hours per day.

“Wearing the watch continuously for 12 hours will accumulate approximately four additional days of power reserve.If you wear the watch every day for 12 hours a day over a week, for example, the watch will be fully charged.” -Seiko manual

Swinging the watch side to side 200 times is supposed to add another day or power reserve to the capacitor/accumulator.

The 9T82 has a low energy warning which will cause the main second hand to jump every 2 seconds. When this begins to happen, the watch is telling you that 12 hours of power reserve remains. As mentioned above, using the chronograph will dramatically reduce this time.

“The watch remains accurate even while the second hand is moving at two-second intervals.” -Seiko manual

Hacking the Movement:

The caliber 9T82 does have a hacking feature (the second hand stops when the crown is pulled out to time setting position), however, unlike many quartz or mechanical watches, this will not reduce the energy consumption or pause the power reserve from running down. Seiko claims that hacking the movement actually has the opposite effect on the movement.

“Do not pull the crown out to the second click with the intention of stopping the second handjust to save energy. By doing so, a large amount of current flows through the built-in IC.Therefore, pulling out the crown to the second click will not save energy but, in fact,consume more energy than usual.” -Seiko manual


Seiko claims that the caliber 9T82 will maintain accuracy of less than +/- 15 seconds per month at normal operating temperatures of about 41F to 95F.

Replacement Price:

This movement does not have a replacement price because it is not available for purchase. For parts or repair, you will either have to find a used model for sale or send it back to Seiko.

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