Seiko Sii Caliber Pc32a

Seiko Caliber PC32A

Seiko Sii Caliber Pc32a

Manufacturer Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII)
Caliber Number PC32, PC32A
Movement Type Quartz
Diameter 23.7mm
Casing Diameter
4.15mm thick
Battery Cell Number SR626SW
Quartz Type Tuning fork
32,768 Hz (cycles per second)
Driving System
2 pole step motor
Accuracy Rating
See below…
Stem 0354-3000 (354300), 354128 (old)
Hand Sizes 1.20mm / 0 .70mm / 0.17mm
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central seconds; date at 3:00 (or between 4:00 and 5:00 depending on the watch design)
Hacking Seconds?
Country of Manufacture Japan
Known Models Android Aragon Ladies Watch (Too many to list, add your watch in the comments below…)

The Seiko caliber PC32A is a quartz movement is made in Japan. It is a 0 jewels movement with 3 hands and a date.

You may see this movement listed under Seiko, SII (Seiko Instruments), Hattori, or Epson. Learn more here.

The caliber number is located one of the metal pieces going across the movement:

Seiko Caliber Pc32a Number


Time Module Inc. claims that the caliber PC32A will maintain accuracy of: “Less than 30 seconds per month at normal temperature range.”

Battery Replacement:

The battery in the PC32A is a cell number 377 aka SR626SW. It is held in place with a friction arm. Gently (read again, gently) pry the battery up and out (carefully prying back the friction arm if needed). Insert the new battery in the opposite order.

Seiko Caliber Pc32a Battery Diy

Here is a macro shot of the battery slot and the text at the bottom:

Seiko Caliber Pc32a Battery Replacement

Replacement Price:

Replacement prices of this watch movement were found online in the range of $8.95.

Caliber Drawings:

Seiko Sii Tmi Hattori Caliber Pc32a Drawing

Watches with this movement:

The PC32A example pictured below was found in an Android (Aragon) ladies watch. Please add your watch in the comments below…

Seiko Caliber Pc32a Android Aragon Ladies Watch

Date/Factory Codes?

Between the manufacturer name and the caliber number is a group of scrambled letters and numbers. This is likely either a date code or factory code. If anyone has insight into this, please comment below. The two examples shown on this page are:

  • UM5N
  • VH5N

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Paul Bowman HMS ONE Review - Wristwatch Review UK
2 years ago

[…] I’ve said, the watch is based around a quartz movement – a Seiko PC32A. Hardly a precision piece of modern mechanical engineering, but a step above the no-name movements […]

List of Seiko Watch Movements Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
1 year ago

[…] PC32A […]

Hattori SII Caliber PC33A Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
1 year ago

[…] of the most popular entry level quartz calibers is the SII PC32A. This PC33 discussed here basically the same as the PC32, but with the addition of a day of the […]

1 year ago

I am replacing one branded SII, the new one is branded TMI, I needed one with date at 6, the cheapest ones are with date at 3, I bought one of those and swapped the date rings over.

1 year ago
Reply to  calibercorner

I had not taken any photos before reassembly, but have these from the old movement,

1 year ago
Reply to  Stephen

And these,

1 year ago
Reply to  Stephen

Hi Stephen, would you mind to share the process to swap the date rings between those movements?


1 year ago
Reply to  Jonhathan

Hello Jonhathan, viewing the date wheel side, there is a silver cover in the centre, clipped in position by several bits of it that are formed into clips, you can easily prise this off with a micro screwdriver, use a loupe also, hold a finger or something over the silver cover in case it pings off. When this cover is off you can just lift the date ring out. There is a black plastic cog that needs to be in place on a small post and another plastic thing, it fits in a slight recess, put the other date ring… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Stephen

…also, the hour wheel and dial washer stayed in place, through the silver cover, so that was something that made it even easier.

1 year ago
Reply to  Stephen

Update, I located the movement again, misremembered, no other plastic thing, recess is to position the silver cover, so, easier than I first mentioned. Only the black cog has to be in place, before you put the silver cover back on, the hour wheel in the centre of the cover just has to be lined up onto the centre post. (You put the date wheel back in place before fitting the silver cover).

2 months ago

NEAT calibre, with the seconds pointer hitting most of the marks on my watch, except a few in the bottom left sector of the dial, between 25 and 40. Amazingly accurate time-keeper! Mine is hiding in an Invicta Pro Diver 9204, blue and steel, in Connery/”Bond 007″ Submariner 37mm size. It normally sells for around USD 50 to 60, and I got mine on a “glitch” Walmart sale for USD 32, delivered on 6 Jan 2024. I did the DST dance around the house and set all my clocks and watches on 10 March 2024, and implemented my new Casio… Read more »

26 days ago

Are there any Mechanical movements that match the date ring specs? I’d like to convert a sentimental dial to mech movement and new case.

Seagull Caliber St19

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