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Pointer Date

Pointer Date Armand Nicolet Watch

What is a Pointer Date?

A pointer date aka date pointer (aka date hand) is a calendar complication that typically features a central hand that points to the numbers around the circumference of the dial. This is often found on triple-date watches as it provides a cluttered landscape with a clean way to indicate the date. The image above is an example of an Armand Nicolet Complete Calendar watch with a pointer date (the arrow with the red tip). The movement inside is an ETA caliber 2824-2 with a Dubois Dépraz triple date module.

Pointer Date Watches:

The most popular modern watch with a pointer date may be the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date line, mostly because not many watches use this complication, but also because they chose to put “Pointer Date” in the name of the watch. Today, the Oris Pointer Date is powered by the Oris in-house calibre 403, but past models had an Oris 574 (ETA).

Another notable timepiece with this style of date is Rolex Cellini Moonphase (Ref: 50535) with a Rolex cal. 3195. Much like the Cellini, a classic watch to decorate the pointer date hand is with a crescent moon on the tip. In the next example, the Eterna Matic 1948 Moon Phase Chrono has such a hand. It is powered by an ETA/Valjoux 7751 is your match.

Pointer Date 7751 Eterna 1948 Triple Date

Another desirable piece with a crescent moon date hand is the Omega Speedmaster Triple Date powered by a 7751 (Omega calls it the caliber 1150).

Pointer Date Omege Speedmaster Tripleday Date

Below is a Zahnd & Kormann ZK No.1 Lunar Eclipse with a yellow tipped date hand, also containing a 7751.

Pointer Date Hand 7751

While the most common execution of the pointer date complication is a long hand that extends across the radius of the dial, it is not the only way to use a date hand.

For example, the Eterna KonTiki Four Hands is powered by an ETA 2836-2 with a pointer date function, with the date hand being shorter than the hour hand – almost looking like a GMT hand.

Pointer Date Etera Dark

Pointer Date Etera Macro

Lastly, you may also find watches with a small pointer date subdial like on these Rolex Cellini Date watches (Ref: 50519, cal. 3165).

Pointer Date Rolex Cellini

Do you have a watch with a pointer date? If so, please share it and your thoughts in the comments below…

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1 month ago

I have an old Wittnauer TTC Longlife with a Pointer Date. I believe the movement is obsolete, but I can’t find any information at all about it. I’d like to save the watch if possible. Any ideas?

Seagull Caliber St19

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