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Seiko Epson Caliber Vx9ne Drawing

S. Epson Caliber VX9N

Seiko Epson Caliber Vx9ne Drawing

ManufacturerS. Epson Corp. (Seiko owned)
Caliber NumberVX9N, VX9NE
Movement TypeQuartz, battery-powered
Casing Diameter
Jewel Count
32,768 Hz
Accuracy Rating
+/- 20 seconds/month
Battery Cell
SR927SW (395)
Battery Life
3 years
Quartz Type
Tuning fork
Hand Count6
Hand Sizes
1.10mm / .65mm / .20mm / .20mm (subdials)
FunctionsCentral hours; central minutes; central seconds; pointer style day of the week subdial at 12:00; pointer style date subdial at 6:00; 24 hour indicator at 9:00
Hacking Seconds?
Country of ManufactureMade in Japan
Known Models
 Naviforce NF9068S (Add your watch to the comments below…)

S. Epson caliber VX9N (VX9NE) is a quartz day-date watch movement with a 24 hour indicator. This caliber is part of the VX9 Series of quartz movements which Epson refers to as “Muscle Movement Multi-Function”.

Official S. Epson materials show that this movement has been produced since at least 2013, with updates to the tech sheets in 2020.

Although this calibre is referenced as VX9N, the number engraved on the movement is VX9NE. It is unconfirmed what the E stands for, but it is unlikely to be an evolution or update marker. Instances of VX9NA, VX9NB, VX9NC, VX9ND could not be found. Perhaps it is E for “Epson”, since similar calibers may also be used in Seiko, Pulsar and Lorus watches. If you know more about the E, please comment below.


The dial and case layout of VX9N powered watches resembles a chronograph. For example, the 6-9-12 subdials look like chronograph subdials and the buttons on the side of the case look like chronongraph pushers. However, this movement does not offer any chronograph functionality.

Watch enthusiasts may regard a timepiece with this movement as a faux chronograph. It just comes down to aesthetic and functional preference. Not everyone uses a chronograph, but they may like the sporty look of a chronograph watch. The VX9NE gives the look of a chronograph but with additional time/calendar functionality instead of a stopwatch/timer.

Similar Calibers:

There is a similar caliber VX9J with the main difference being that the subdials are in a 3-6-9 layout (like the Rolex Daytona), rather than 6-9-12 (like a caliber 7750). This caliber is also signed VX9JE on the movement itself.

S. Epson also offers similar subdial movements without the pushers (VX7 Series). In the VX7, the crown would have an additional position for calendar setting.

How to Set the Time/Date:

  • The subdials on the VX9N indicate the day, date and 24 hour time.
  • The pushers above and below the crown are used to adjust the day and date.
  • The crown only has one setting position (can only be pulled out one click).

Setting the time:

To set the time, pull out the crown to the first (and only) click. Proceed to adjust the hands to the current desired time. This movement has hacking seconds, meaning the second hand stops when the crown is pulled out into time-setting mode. If you hack the seconds when the seconds hand is at 12:00, you can set the time more precisely, by setting the main time one minute ahead, waiting for your reference time (from the computer or cell phone) to match it, then pressing the crown back in at the your reference time is the same as what is displayed on your watch.

Setting the calendar:

Use the pushers (aka buttons) on the side of the case to set the day and date.

  • Day of the week: Top pusher
  • Date: Bottom pusher

Each press of the button advances the day of the week or date forward by one increment.

Warning: Do not set the day or date when the main hands are between the time of 9:00PM and 4:00AM (this is where the 24 hour subdial comes in handy, keep reading).

Setting the 24 hour hand:

The 24 hour hand at 9:00 cannot be adjusted independently. It is meant to follow the main hour hand. While the main hour hand displays 12 hour time twice per day, the 24 hour hand display the 24 hour time or military time once per day. It also functions as a day/night or AM/PM indicator.

Replacement Prices:

At the time of this caliber listing, prices for replacement VX9NE movements were found online in the range of $11.95 to $15.95 USD.

VX9NE Parts List /Disassembly Drawings (pdf):

Additional Resources:

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