Grand Seiko Caliber 9S85 Hi-Beat Automatic Movement

Grand Seiko Caliber 9S85

Grand Seiko Caliber 9S85 Hi-Beat Automatic Movement

Brand Grand Seiko
Caliber Number 9S85 / 9S85A
Movement Type Automatic (Hi-Beat)
Jewels 37
Power Reserve 55 hours
Vibrations Per Hour 36,000 vph
Hairspring Spron 610
Shock System Diashock
Features Hours, minutes, central seconds, date
Country of Manufacture Japan
Known Models SBGR051

Seiko in-house caliber 9S85A found in a Grand Seiko automatic watch. The Spron 610 hairspring is anti-magnetic.

The heart of the mechanical watch is its movement. A “10-beat” movement means that the balance, the most important component for determining the accuracy of a watch, vibrates at 10 beats, or oscillations, per second. Mechanical watches, even luxury watches, operate at 5 to 8 beats per second. A higher number of vibrations makes a watch more resistant to shock, controlling fluctuations in dynamic accuracy—the watch’s accuracy while being worn—to keep the time correctly and with stability. Seiko has succeeded in producing the Grand Seiko with a 10-beat movement, caliber 9S85. The watch is highly resistant to disturbance with minimized accuracy fluctuation when worn.


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