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Passionate Audience:

Caliber Corner is a niche community of watch enthusiasts with a passion for horology and learning as much as possible about what makes their watches tick. Our audience is interested in extensive research which ultimately leads to an informed buying decision.

Organic Traffic:

The secret to maintaining steady growth has been a focus on producing unique and informative posts – not web-scraping or copy/pasting. A strong emphasis on quality content means a majority of our traffic comes directly from search engines (try Googling a caliber and see for yourself).

Another traffic source is from our community sharing our links on watch forums and platforms like Reddit and Facebook groups. This means your ads will be viewed by real users with a genuine interest in watches.

Ad Blockers Won’t Block Your Ad:

We developed a method to circumvent ad blockers, so your ads will be served to everyone – even if they are using an ad blocker. Don’t worry about your ad budget going to waste.

Ad Locations:

Ad locations are available in several areas of the site, including directly in caliber posts. We want your ads to be seen and clicked, so our ad slots are placed in strategic locations to maximize impressions and click-through rates.

Banner Options 12 20

Banner Option A – Image banner above the post. This is the most visible banner on the site and is one of the first locations seen on both mobile and desktop.

Banner Option B – Image banner below the post but above the comment section. This is the second most visible location on the site.

Banner Option C – The primary above-the-fold image banner in the sidebox area. This is the standard go-to ad space for many advertisers. On desktop, the banner is seen immediately then scrolls up with the page. On mobile, the banner is below the post and comments section.

Banner Option D – 125 x 125 square banner in the ad cluster on the sidebar. This banner rotates with the other 125 x 125 ads, so it can attract attention with each refresh.

Banner Option E – This is a banner at the bottom of the sidebox that sticks to the side of the site while the desktop user scrolls down the page. On mobile, it is at the bottom of the site.

Text Option A – Simple announcement style text link at the top of every page.

Text Option B – Simple text link in the middle of each post.

Ad Creative:

If you have something to advertise but don’t have a banner, our design team can create one for an additional fee.

Special Offer for New Watch Brands!

Getting started is a rewarding adventure, but we know as well as anyone that it isn’t easy. There’s so much to do and resources are tight. For that reason, we’re happy to offer new brands with 50% off the monthly banner rate. First month only and it must be your brand’s first watch model to qualify.

Why Advertise on Caliber Corner?

  • Extremely niched-down target audience.
  • Ads will show on devices with ad blocker.
  • Flexibility – change your ad creative in the middle of your campaign.
  • Social media support – we will follow your brand and tweet/share on our social accounts.

Start Your Campaign Now:

We’re flexible and open-minded about advertising partnerships. Let us know what you want to advertise, for how long, and how much you want to spend so we can get the ball rolling!

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