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Seiko Caliber V158

Seiko Caliber V158

Manufacturer Seiko
Caliber Number V158, V158A
Type Solar Powered (quartz)
Diameter 28.6mm
Casing Diameter
Total Height
5.8mm (to top of pinion)
32,768 Hz
Integrated Circuit
Capacitor Number 302324Y
Stem 351892 (tap 11)
Hacking Seconds?
Hand Sizes 1.10mm / 0.65mm / 0.20mm
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds, day and date at 4:00
Country of Manufacture Japan
Known Models SNE109, SNE331, (add more in the comments below…)

The Seiko caliber V158 is found in some Seiko solar-powered watches, including the exclusive Street Series Solar Divers. This caliber is part of the Seiko Watch Corporation V family/series of solar powered movements.

V158 VS V158A:

The movement in your timepiece may actually be signed with the caliber number V158A. As with all Seiko movements, the trailing letter indicates the evolution or change-log of the movement, starting with A as the first release. Therefore, V158 is the same as V158A. As of this post, there is not a V158B, V158C, and so on.

V158 VS V157:

There is a similar Seiko caliber V157, with the main difference being that the V157 only has a date window at 3:00, and the V158 has a day/date at 3:00.


Seiko claims that the caliber V158 will maintain accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per month at normal operating temperatures of about 5C to 35C (41F – 140F).

Battery Change:

The caliber V158 is a solar powered watch with a manganese titanium-lithium rechargeable capacitor. It is not a normal battery. The number is MT920, or more specifically: 302324Y. Order one here

Charging Times:

The chart below shows how long different lights sources can take to fully charge the cell in the V158. This ranges from 120 hours to 9 hours of constant light source. A full charge can last up to 10 months.

Seiko Caliber V157 Charging Times

Interesting Note:

Although there is an instruction manual for dive watches with caliber V157 or V158, there is also another instruction manual that combines the following calibers: V110, V111, V114, V115, V116, V137, V145, V147, V157, V158, V181, V182, and V187.

Examples of Watches with V158:

Additional Resources:

  • Seiko official instruction manual is here

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2 years ago

I love my little solar 158. In about 6 weeks it has gained only about 5 seconds. Seiko rules when it comes to bang for buck. Great looker. Nothing in this price range rates.

2 years ago

Had charging issues when new. then it died, left on window sill for a month and came back to life! Keeps about 1 sec per week. SNE393.

2 years ago

I have had my solar-powered Seiko V158 for over 2 years and love it, and this is my second Seiko. My first lasted 25 years. I love the RR styling! The indoor lighting keeps it running – no problems with lack of power. Time keeping is never a problem, and since they set it at the store for me when purchased, I have not had to reset it, ever!

2 years ago

I have had my V158 since Oct 2016 and its never worked for longer than a day. Put it on a window ledge in sun and it goes for 10mins then shuts down. Charge it under a fluro desk lamp runs for a few hours the stops. Mechanism changed under Warentee still didnt work. Gave up but am retrying now?

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2 years ago

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Jon Stoddard
Jon Stoddard
1 year ago

I was given a watch today with the V158 within. It’s been in the back of a dresser drawer for at least 5 yrs, according to the kid donor, and once I exposed it to some sunlight it immediately came to life!

1 year ago
Reply to  Jon Stoddard


11 months ago

SNE095 Calibre 158. Bullet proof, very accurate, good looking little watch, always charged. No nonsense, You don’t have to break the bank with these things, keeps on ticking and ticking ticking… What more do you want

8 months ago

Had my Solar V158 diver for about 5 years, randomly stopping sent it to repair said i needed a new battery, after one more year on a new battery it stopping again, waiting for repairs again, errrrrrrrrrrr

8 months ago

I have had my V158 Seiko solar watch for over 7 years and never had a charging issue, keep perfect time, I can’t seem to find a new crystal for it as It is all scratched up from working with it

7 months ago

Very durable I threw my vintage Seiko Solar with this V158 movement in my dresser drawer for about 5 years. Took it out one day put it in the sun for a few minutes and started ticking away from right where it left off 5 years earlier no problems…

Garth Clark
Garth Clark
6 months ago

I don’t understand why Seiko is not making their Prospex Diver with the clasp bracelet bands in Solar or Kinetic. I prefer not having to wind them or replace a battery every year or so. They are fine calibers…

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4 months ago

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