Seiko Caliber 6308

Seiko Caliber 6308A

Seiko Caliber 6308a Front Back

Brand Seiko
Caliber Number 6308, 6308A
Base Caliber
Seiko 6309A
Movement Type Automatic
5.2mm thick
Jewels 17
Vibrations Per Hour
21,600 bph
Power Reserve 47 hours
Lift Angle
54.5 degrees (needs confirmed)
Shock System Diashock
Rotor Ball bearing
Mainspring 401615
Balance Staff 311601
Hands 1.5mm x 0.90mm x 0.20mm
Hacking? No
Manual Winding? No
Winding Direction
Bi-directional (Magic Lever)
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds, quickset date at 3:00
Country of Manufacture Japan
Known Models 6308 (add more in the comments below…)

The Seiko caliber 6308A is a vintage automatic workhorse movement from the 1980’s and as far back as 1976.

6308A VS 6309A:

The caliber 6308A is based on the Seiko caliber 6309A. The main difference between these two movements is that the 6309A has a day/date complication at 3:00, whereas the 6308A only has a date at 3:00.

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Seiko Caliber 6309 Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
4 years ago

[…] are different variations of this movement, including Seiko caliber 6308A (17J), 6319A (21J), 6347A (moonphase, 23J), 6349A […]

4 years ago

This is a really great mechanical movement that debuted in the Seiko 5 line to offer a low cost automatic around the time they went quartz in the seventies! I prefer this movement to the automatics that came after it, the 7009 and the 7S26, which seemed to be more designed for automated mass production. There are also 6319A (21 Jewel) and 6349A (23 Jewel) versions, apparently made mostly for the Middle East and India regions.

Jesus berroteran
Jesus berroteran
3 years ago

…qué presicion pudiera ofrecer como máximo este calibre luego de una limpieza y aceitado?…poseo un 6308-5000 que poseo desde hace 30 años,lleva tiempo sin mantenimiento por lo cual pretendo enviar al servicio por cuestión de evitar desgaste….por ahora se retrasa unos 2 min en una semana.

David Deurweilher
David Deurweilher
3 years ago

hello.. having a old 6390-7290 with dead movement.. it is possible to replace it with an other new movement?..

Alfred Galistan
Alfred Galistan
1 year ago

I have a Seiko 6309 7040for almost 40 years. It is, say to say, terribly worn out. I wish to replace the entire movement with something updated. Can you advise which (currently available) movement would fit this case? Thank you.

Donny Boon
Donny Boon
1 year ago

Is there a direct replacement for the Seiko 6309A? I have a perfectly good watch but Tic Toc Watch Repair in Los Angeles says they cannot repair it.

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