Seiko Epson Caliber Vx36 Vx36e Drawing

S. Epson Caliber VX36

Seiko Epson Caliber Vx36 Vx36e Drawing

Manufacturer S. Epson Corp. (Seiko)
Caliber Number VX36, VX36A, VX36B, VX36E, etc.
Movement Type Quartz, battery-powered
Lignes 10.5”’
24mm x 21.5mm
Casing Diameter
Jewel Count
0 (no jewels)
32,768 Hz
Accuracy Rating
+/- 20 second per month
Battery Cell
SR920SW (371/370)
Battery Life
3 years
0351177 (tap 10, 0.9mm) or 0351578
Hand Count 5
Hand Sizes
1.10mm / .65mm / .20mm + 2x .21mm for the day/date
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central seconds; pointer style day of the week subdial at 9:00; pointer style date subdial at 3:00
Hacking Seconds?
Country of Manufacture Made in Japan
Known Models
Android by Aragon Armor-15 (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The S. Epson caliber VX36 is a quartz movement with bi-compax style day/date indicators. This movement is sometimes also labeled as Hattori VX36.

You may see watches with this movement be incorrectly described as being “chronograph” watches, but that it because of day/date subdials which look like chronograph subdials from a distance.

Setting the Time/Date:

  • To set the time, pull the crown out two clicks to time-setting mode.
  • To set the quickset style date, pull the crown out one click.
  • There is no quickset day of the week. In order to set the day of the week, you must pull the crown out two clicks to time-setting mode and advance the hands until the correct day is reached.

S Epson Vx36 Instructions

VX36A, B, C, D, E Variations:

The trailing letter on the end of the caliber number indicates an evolution in the movement. At the time of this post (1/24) the VX36 is up to VX36E. The differences between these variations is still unconfirmed. If you have any information regarding this, please comment below…

Technical documentation was found dated as far back as 8/2014, with updates as recent as 1/2019 and 9/2020. Although it is unknown how these updates affected the letter variation, it appears that the recent 9/2020 update was related to hand height and new part numbers for hand height options (usually to accommodate thicker dials).

S. Epson VX36 VS Pulsar V336:

While the VX36 is considered a modern replacement for the vintage Pulsar V336, there are some differences – none of which affect the usability or features of the movements, but technical differences that may impact individual parts interchangeability. Battery life and accuracy are the same. Some of the differences include:

  • The VX36 has 0 jewels, whereas the V336 has 1 jewel.
  • The VX36 takes a SR920SW (371/370) battery cell and the V336 takes an SR916SW (373) battery cell.

Replacement Prices:

At the time of this caliber listing, replacement prices were found online in the range of $12.50 to $17.95 USD.

Examples of watches with this movement:

Below is a VX36A found in an Android (Aragon) Armor-15 watch…

S Epson Vx36a Android Aragon Watch

Video: Disassembly/Assembly

VX36E Tech Sheets (pdf):

Additional Resources:

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