Seiko caliber 6R27

Seiko Caliber 6R27

Seiko caliber 6R27

Manufacturer Seiko
Caliber Number 6R27
Base Caliber 6R15 (6R family)
Movement Type Automatic
Jewels 29
Vibrations Per Hour
28,800 bph
Shock System? Dia-shock
Mainspring Spron 510
Power Reserve
45+ hours
Winding Direction
Hacking? Yes
Hand-Windable? Yes
Diameter 12”’ / 27.40mm
Height 5.32mm
Functions Hours, minutes, central second hand, date subdial at 6:00, power reserve gauge at 9:00
Country of Manufacture Japan
Known Models
Seiko Presage SARW001, SARW003, SARW004, SARW005, SARW007, SARW009, SARW011, SARW013, SARW025 (aka SPB041J1), SARW027, SARW029 (There may be many more, please leave them in the comments below)




Seiko claims an accuracy rating of +25 – 15 seconds per day in normal temperature conditions.

Similar Calibers

The caliber 6R27 is similar to the 6R20, 6R24, and 6R21,and even shares the same instruction manual.

What are the differences?

All 4 variations have the power reserve indicator at 9:00 and a date subdial at 6:00. The difference is that the 6R20 and 6R21 have a day of the week subdial at 3:00. The 6R24 has a retrograde day of the week indicator at 3:00 (as well as a retrograde date indicator at 6:00. Which also explains why the 6R24 has 31 jewels instead of 29). The 6R27 shown here only has the power reserve indicator and date subdial.

How about the base movement?

It is based off of the caliber 6R15.

From Monochrome Watches about the base caliber 6R15:

To say that the 6R15 is Seiko’s answer to the Swiss workhorse that is the ETA 2824 would be an understatement. Bottom line is that the 6R15 caliber is that GOOD a movement and with the sheer number of ETA-powered watches out there, it is sometimes nice to have something different to stir up the masses.

Fratello Watches says this about the 6R27:

It is not as refined as their Grand Seiko movements of course, but certainly can hold up to some of its Swiss competitors, especially in the same price range.

  • For official instruction manual for this movement, see this pdf
  • Here is a press-release from 2016 that mentions the 6R27 in the Presage line.

The movement shown above is from a Seiko Presage SARW027. It is only available in Japan. this timepiece was tribute to the First Automatic timepiece from Seiko since 1956. So this model has 1956 limited watches.

Other models that celebrate 60th Anniversary of the Seiko’s first Automatic are SRQ019J1 (aka SARK001 in JDM), SRQ021J1 (aka SARK003 in JDM) and SSA309J1 – all of which are from the Presage line.

Submitted by Nin Mungdee

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Nin Mungdee
Nin Mungdee
6 years ago

Could you help me censor my number at the see though case back? I forgot it before send you this picture.

PS: SPB041(or SPB041J1) and SARW025 are the same timepiece. SARW025 is the item code for JDM and SPB041J1 for worldwide.

Nin Mungdee
Nin Mungdee
6 years ago
Reply to  calibercorner

Thanks for the censorship. I just saw something went wrong. “The movement shown above is from a Seiko Presage SARW027 (aka SPB041J1) 60th Anniversary Limited Edition.” No, the SARW027 is not SPB041J1. It is only available in Japan. this timepiece was tribute to the First Automatic timepiece from Seiko since 1956. So this model has 1956 limited watches. Another models that celebrate 60th Anniversary of the Seiko’s first Automatic are SRQ019J1 (aka SARK001 in JDM),… Read more »

Seiko SARW009 Presage w/ 6R27 high beat movement
5 years ago

[…] collection pruning continues… This one is a Seiko Presage SARW009 powered by the 6R27 movement. Besides the visible PR gauge and the calendar sub-dial, the 6R27 beats at 28.8k bph, making the […]

5 years ago

What is Fratello Watches talking about same price range? There is nothing Swiss that compares to this even remotely in the same range.

5 years ago
Reply to  Don

They are full of shit.

Max Bill Automatic questions
5 years ago

[…] error is not necessarily out of line. The Seiko 6R family is +25 to -15 SPD according to Seiko (Seiko Caliber 6R27 Watch Movement | and the Miyota 9015 is +30 to -10. The Max Bill is based off a 2824, but the grade's not […]

5 years ago

Do you know what material to use on dial presage spb061j1 ?

2 years ago
Reply to  Ivor

Black dials are lacquer and white ones are enamel.

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9 months ago

[…] new Laurel offers all of the above and runs off Seiko’s thoroughly modern automatic caliber 6R27 movement, delivering 45 hours of power reserve and +25 to -15 seconds per day accuracy. Debuting in 2013, […]

9 months ago

Do we know whether the lift angle is also 53° like the 6R15 or is it any different ?

Kevin G
Kevin G
2 months ago

Some other models with the 6R27:
SARW039 / SPB073
SARW067 / SPB397
SARW069 / SPB399

Venus Caliber 178

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