Seiko Caliber 7002a Watch Example

Seiko Caliber 7002A

Seiko Caliber 7002a Magic Lever

Caliber Number7002, 7002A
Movement TypeAutomatic
12”’ (27mm)
Vibrations Per Hour
21,600 bph
Power Reserve
Up to 43 hours on a full charge
Shock SystemDiashock
Winding System
Seiko Magic Lever
Winding DirectionBi-directional
Crown Location4:00
Hand Sizes
1.50mm / 0.90mm / 0.20mm
FunctionsHours, minutes, central seconds, quickset date at 3:00
Country of ManufactureSingapore
Known Models7002-700A, 7002-700J, 7002-7039, 7002-7020, 7002-7009, Sports 50 (Add yours to the comments below…)

The Seiko caliber 7002A is an automatic movement with 17 jewels found in many pre-SKX Seiko divers. This caliber was introduced in the late 1980s after Seiko started to phase out the production of the caliber 6309 around 1988. Seiko produced the 7002 until circa 1996 – which is when the caliber 7S26 was introduced.

Power Reserve:

Without a hand-winding function, this movement can take some time to reach full power reserve. Achieve this by continuously wearing your watch and/or shaking it side to side. Once full power reserve is realized, the movement should run for approximately 40 hours, up to 43 hours continuously.

Different Versions:

From an article on Time Zone by Rob B:

Consulting the Seiko parts catalogs revealed that the cals 7002, 7005 7006 and 7009 are almost identical, sharing many parts in common. The main difference is in thickness, day/date features and jewelling. The 7005 is date only, the 7009 is a day/date and the 7002A is date only and has a different auto winding weight. Since this particular movement is a “date only”, then one concludes it started life as a 7005A, to be transfomed at a later date by whatever parts were to hand at the time…

Additional Images:


The video gut shot below is of a Seiko caliber 7002A from a vintage Scuba Diver’s model 7002-700J (case number).

Additional Resources:

Share your experience with the Seiko caliber 7002A in the comments below…

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Jesper Bergesen
Jesper Bergesen
3 years ago

where can i buy this movement ?

3 years ago

Hey, I have this 7002A mov. in my ’96 SDS101 Diver and since it hasn’t worked in a few years was thinking about replacing the mov with something more modern. What would you suggest that will fit just right in the same size case? Thank you

Enri Viisileht
Enri Viisileht
2 years ago
Reply to  Will

Mine has a 7009a movement fitted.

2 years ago

best watch ever

2 years ago
Reply to  cal

Gift watch bk in the 90’s

Simon Bart
Simon Bart
1 year ago

Hello ,can I upgrade my 7002A with parts of 6R20 to reach 28.800 A/h? TY

Frank Erb
Frank Erb
1 year ago

I have a 7002A with a day/date … is it a real one?

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Lewis Collins
Lewis Collins
4 months ago

I wish it had a manual wind option in addition to autowind. Who has time to shake and wind if you don’t wear it daily?
In spite of this, I do like my cool Seiko 7002.

19 days ago

Can the 7002 movement be replaced with an NH36 movement to get manual winding and hacking?

Funfair malaya
Funfair malaya
55 minutes ago

How about 7002 – 700J

Venus Caliber 178
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