Seiko Caliber 6117b

Seiko Caliber 6117B

Seiko Caliber 6117b

Brand Seiko
Caliber Number 6117B
Evolved From
Base Caliber
Movement Type Automatic, self-winding mechanical
Jewels 17
Beat Rate
21,600 vph
Lift Angle
54.5 degrees
Power Reserve ~47 hours
Anti-Shock System Diashock
Mainspring 401615
Balance Staff 315611
Stem 357611 (World Time) / 354615 (Navigator Timer)
Hand Sizes
1.5mm / .90mm / .20mm
Manual Winding? No
Crown Location 4:00
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central sweeping seconds; central GMT hand; date at 3:00
Hacking Seconds? Yes
Quickset Date?
Country of Manufacture Japan
Known Models Seiko World Time, Seiko Navigator Timer (6117-6419T)

The Seiko caliber 6117B is a vintage automatic dual time GMT movement that was found in the recently re-popularized Navigator Timer watches. This caliber was produced between circa 1968-1975.

Parts Interchangeability:

Most of the parts in the 6117A or 6117B are interchangeable with the base caliber 6106A. A few parts in the 6117X are different based on the model of watch – mostly to accommodate the internal rotating bezel on the World Time (often misspelled as “World Timer”).

Difference between 6117A and 6117B?

There are two variations of the 6117: A and B. They are basically the same movement, however, the B adds a desirable hacking feature.

mwbuss8 posted this comment about the Seiko 6117 on thewatchsiteforums:

“You’re right, parts are tough to source. Be careful with the stem, some sellers out there will advertise as having them for this movement but they lack the feature to rotate the inner bezel. I have the older 6117 6019 world timer. If you have yours serviced and adjusted I’m sure it can be much more accurate than a minute. When I got mine it was in a jar of broken watch parts. The crystal was so bad I could barely read the dial, but by the time I had it out of the jar it was ticking away. over they course of the next 3 days I checked it against an atomic clock and it was only a few seconds off. the 6117 is an AMAZING movement. In regards to movement parts if you ever need them many parts of the entire 6xxx line are shared.”

6117B VS 6118A:

In 1975, Seiko began producing the caliber 6118A which has the same jewel count and Diashock anti-shock protection, but is not a GMT. Therefore, you may see some watches in the wild incorrectly listed as having a 6118, but just remember that the Seiko World Time and Navigator Timer are powered by the 6117A or 6117B.

Additional Images:

Seiko Caliber 6117 Seiko 6117b Movement Seiko 6117 World Time

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Anthony Triana
Anthony Triana
5 years ago

Hello! Quick question. I recently purchased a Seiko 6117-6400 World Time watch that dates to December 1969, which has the 6117B movement. I recently had it serviced and noticed that it was returned without the hacking function working from the watchmaker. Upon asking about this, he preceded to explain that there was a period of time when Seiko did not make the movement with a hack lever – apparently it’s completely missing from this movement.… Read more »

David Larry
David Larry
5 years ago
Reply to  Anthony Triana

When you say “it was returned without the hacking function working” does that mean it was hacking before you sent it to the guy for service?

Anthony Triana
Anthony Triana
5 years ago
Reply to  David Larry

No, as far as I know, it never hacked. It was a recent purchase from a jewelry store and the watch had been sitting for years. Just by doing a little research, looks like all 6117B movements hacked, so trying to find out if they are all supposed to have a hacking lever or if there indeed was a time when these calibers were not issued with a hacking mechanism direct from Seiko.

Doug O.
Doug O.
1 year ago

I recently picked up a 1970 Seiko Worldtime with this movement in it. I had read about how fantastic this movement is, and it absolutely lives up to the hype.

According to the seller, it was last serviced 5 years ago. I put it on the timegrapher and after a very minor adjustment it is running at a regular +1spd. Absolutely amazing for a 52 year old watch.

1 month ago

I recently bought a Dec 1974 Seiko World Time 6117-6400. As the article notes, Seiko changed to 6118A around the same time. The movement definitely has hacking, but I thought hacking feature was denoted by a B.
Need a stem/gear and spring set-up, not sure what to buy. Anyone know about 6118A in 6117-6400?

1 month ago
Reply to  Pedro

After much sleuthing, including studying the Seiko parts data sheets – there is no 6118 in a 6117-6400. People put rotor bridges on (where the model number is), from 6118A onto 6117B.. The mis-info re. 6118 wasted many hours. Please amend.

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