Citizen Caliber 9054 Series8 Gmt Caseback

Citizen Caliber 9054

Citizen Caliber 9054 Series8 Gmt Caseback

Brand Citizen
Miyota (owned by Citizen)
Caliber Number 9054
Movement Type Automatic, self-winding mechanical
Lignes 11.5”’
Height Unconfirmed
Jewels 24
Beat Rate
28,800 vph, 4Hz
Lift Angle
51 degrees
Power Reserve
50 hours
Anti-Shock System Parashock
Winding Direction
Uni-directional (clockwise)
Hand Windable?
Hands Count
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central sweeping seconds; central GMT hand; date at 3:00
Hacking Seconds? Yes
Country of Manufacture Japan
Known Models Citizen Series8 GMT (Refs: NB6031-56E (“Batman”), NB6030-59L (“Pepsi”), NB6032-53P (Gold “Rootbeer”)) (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Miyota caliber 9054 is an automatic “true” GMT movement with 24 jewels and a beat rate of 28,800 bph. It is a Citizen-branded member of the 9 series family of Miyota calibers that the manufacturer categorizes as “Premium Automatic” movements.

Miyota 9054 VS 9075:

Miyota has a similar caliber 9075 which is also a “traveler” GMT movement. The 9075 was introduced before the 9054. At the time of this post, the caliber 9054 does not appear to be available for individual purchase – nor is it being used by any brands other than Citizen. It seems that the 9054 is a Citizen-only version of the 9075.

Both have the same jewel count (24j) and beat rate (28,800vph), but Citizen bumps up a few specs (at least on paper – meaning that the 9075 could possibly share the beefier specs but may not be advertised as such in order to give more appeal to watches powered by Citizen’s own 9054). The most noteable of such beefed up spec is the anti-magnetic rating of handling up to 16,000 A/m. More information needs to be gathered as to what exactly give the 9054 more magnetic resistance compared to the 9075. If you have insight into this, please add it to the comments below.

Another difference is that the 9075 is claimed by Miyota to have an average accuracy rating of -10~+30 seconds per day, whereas Citizen states the 9054 runs at -10~+20 seconds per day.

Also, Citizen has the 9054 listed with a power reserve of 50 hours while Miyota says the 9075 can run up to about 42 hours.

True / Travel GMT:

Setting the local time and GMT on the 9054 is similar to luxury multi-timezone watches such as the popular Rolex GMT-Master II (cal. 3185). The watch community often refers to this type of movement as a true GMT or traveller GMT because the main hour hand is independently adjustable (aka jumping hour hand) for easily changing the current time while crossing (er… jumping) time zones.

How to set the time?

The crown on 9054 powered watches has 3 positions:

  • Position 0: Crown against the case (if the watch has a screw-down crown, this is the position the crown is in immediately after unscrewing the crown) – Manual-winding.
  • Position 1: Crown pulled out one click – Adjusts the hour hand (main hours), adjusts the date.
  • Position 2: Crown pulled out two clicks – Adjusts the time (main hours/minutes/GMT), hacked seconds.


Citizen claims that the caliber 9054 offers accuracy of -10 ~ +20 seconds per day.

This is measured within 10-60 minutes from a full wind via the crown. Winding the crown 15-20 times will get the seconds hand to start moving. To fully wind the movement, turn the crown ~40 times. You will get better accuracy results from a full wind.

Replacement Prices:

Replacement prices for raw Citizen 9054 movement are unavailable because it is only being used in Citizen’s own watches. The “Series 8” GMT that this movement is found in, is priced at $1,695 USD (and $1,795 USD for a gold plated version).

Series8 GMT Debut:

The cal. 9054 made its debut in Citizen’s 41mm Series8 GMT watch which was announced in June 2023 (not to be confused with Miyota’s “8 Series” line of movements). There were 3 initial models: steel with a blue dial and “Pepsi” bezel; steel with a black dial and “Batman” bezel; and gold plated steel with a gold tone dial and a “Rootbeer” bezel.

Although every Series8 GMT page on Citizen’s official website features an image of the movement pictured below, it does not appear to be an accurate representation of the actual movement in the Series8 GMT. Other stock images (such as the one at the top of this page) show a silver tone rotor through the exhibition style caseback. Also note the difference in the regulator fine tuning device. Being that Citizen’s site does not have images of the caseback, it could come across as disingenuous to customers who may be expecting a gold tone rotor based on the only image of a movement provided.

Citizen Caliber 9054

Series8 in Citizen’s own words:

“Over one hundred years of knowledge guides Citizen’s mechanical creativity, and in the new Series8, this heritage is embodied once more. Crafted for today using the timeless lessons gained from more than a century of experience, the Series8 encapsulates the essential value of a wristwatch. Not defined purely by specifications or functionality, the collection goes further in pursuing emotion and design in each of its elements, elevating the timepiece from case to dial to movement. ‌

The watches in the collection join strong, sophisticated design with the necessary pragmatism for today, ensuring timepieces that are as ready and open to the world as those who don them. The 8 evokes the infinite (∞) possibilities of Citizen and the never-ending bond between timepiece and wearer.‌” –Source

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