Eta Movement Grades

ETA Movement Grades

Eta Movement Grades

How Many Grades of ETA Movements Are There?

ETA offers four grades of watch movements:

Accuracy Between Grades:

These ratings may vary between specific caliber numbers, but here are the specs for the popular ETA caliber 2824-2:

  • Standard – adjusted in two positions; accuracy of +/-12 sec/day up to +/- 30 sec/day
  • Elabore – adjusted in three positions; accuracy of +/-7 sec/day up to +/- 20 sec/day
  • Top – adjusted in five positions; accuracy of +/-4 sec/day up to +/- 15 sec/day
  • Chronometer – COSC specs (learn more)

How to tell the difference between grades?

One way to distinguish between Standard/Elabore and Top/COSC grades of ETA movements is to look at the anti-shock device on the balance wheel:

StandardNovodiac / ETACHOC
ElaboreNovodiac / ETACHOC

Other Differences:

Standard and Elabore Grades:
Nickel plated balance wheel; Nivarox  hairspring; polyrubies used for pallet jewels.

Top and Chronometer Grades:
Glucydur balance wheel; Anachron hairspring; red rubies used for pallet jewels.

Similarities Between Grades:

Despite differences in accuracy and testing, all grades share some common specs and features. All grades have the same diameter, height, jewel count, lift angle, frequency, and power reserve.


Difference in finishes coming soon.

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