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Locating Orient Caliber Numbers

How to Find Orient Watch Caliber Numbers

Locating Orient Caliber Numbers

According to Orient:

Check the caliber number by referring to the model number of your watch or the case code on the watch’s case back.

1. Searching by 10-digit model number

Check the 10-digit model number on the guarantee supplied with your watch. You can also see the number on the product tag put on the watch. Its second
and third digits indicate the caliber number of your watch. Example: If the model number is “AA00001B”, the caliber number is “AA”.

2. Searching by the case code

See the case code on the case back of your watch. The first two digits indicate the caliber number.

Example : When the case code is “AA00-C0”, the caliber number is “AA”.

  • The place of case code may vary and its letter size may be small and difficult to see depending on the characteristics of watches.
  • The pictures and illustrations on this manual may differ from the actual appearance of your watch but the function and operation procedures are
    the same.

Source: Orient manual

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