Miyota Caliber 8n24

Miyota Caliber 8N24

Miyota Caliber 8n24

Brand Miyota (Citizen)
Caliber Number 8N24
Movement Type Automatic
Diameter 26mm
Height 5.55mm
Minimum Case Diameter
Minimum Case Thickness
Jewels 21
Vibrations Per Hour
21,600 bph
Lift Angle
49 degrees
Anti-Shock System Parashock
Power Reserve
42 hours
Hand Windable?
Hacking? Yes
Rotor Winding Direction Counterclockwise
Stem 065-212
Dial Screws 929-610
Case Clamps
Case Clamp Screws
Hand Sizes
1.50mm / 1.0mm / 0.17mm
Functions Central hours, central minutes, central seconds
Country of Manufacture Japan
Known Models Electricianz Hybrid Mechanical Time Display, TACS ATLAquacy Hei Matau Skeleton, Aragon Silverjet, Bulova Harley Davidson Watch (Add your watch in the comments below…)

The Miyota caliber 8N24 is an automatic skeletonized watch movement made in Japan. It has 21 jewels, beats at 21,600 bph and tells the time via a standard 3 hand display. It is a true no-date movement with only one crown position (time-setting) and no phantom crown position.

The text on a stock rotor of the 8N24 reads: Twenty-One 21 Jewels / Miyota Co. / 8N24 / Japan. You may see the manufacturer’s stock images with the letters CWMJ instead of the caliber number. This abbreviation stands for: Citizen Watch Manufacturing Co. Japan.

Color Choice:

The caliber 8N24 is available from Miyota in silver or a gold tone gilt color (8N24G). The only difference between these two is the finish. Some brands may choose one over the other depending on the style and colors of the watch the movement will be powering.

Miyota Caliber 8n24 Gilt Comparision

8N24 Accuracy:

Miyota claims that the caliber 8N24 offers accuracy of -20 ~ +40 seconds per day. This is measured within 10-60 minutes from a full wind via the crown. To fully wind the movement, turn the crown 40 times.

Miyota 8N24 VS 8N40:

Miyota also offers a similar skeletonized auto caliber 8N40 with the main difference being that the 8N24 has a central seconds hand and the 8N40 has an offset small seconds subdial at 4:30 on the dial. Both movements use the same 8NXX base framework.

8N24 VS 8N33:

The 8N24 and 8N33 are both 3-hand skeletonized movements from Miyota, however the 8N33 is a manual wind movement and the 8N24 discussed here is an automatic. The 8N33 has 17 jewels whereas the 8N24 has 21. The height of the 8N24 is 1.08mm thicker due to the automatic winding unit: 5.5mm compared to 4.47mm.

8N24 VS 8N26:

There is a similar (and rarely used) Miyota caliber 8N26 with the main difference being that the 8N26 is made for watches with a higher hand position. The taller pinion allows for mounting of hands over a dial (such as the cutout dial featured on the Bulova Futuro). The overall height including the seconds pinion is 6.8mm for the 8N24 and 7.9mm for the 8N26.

Replacement Prices:

Replacement prices for the 8N24 were found online for around $65.00 – $75.95 USD. When ordering wholesale from Miyota, there may be a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces.


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Miyota Caliber 8N33 Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
1 year ago

[…] As of 2/2/2021, it appears that the caliber 8N33 is no longer featured in Miyota’s online catalog. If you are looking for a skeletonized Miyota movement, check out the automatic Miyota caliber 8N24. […]

1 year ago

Bulova Marine Star 98A106 has a Miyota 8N24 Gilt movement

Miyota Watch Movements (List) Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
1 year ago

[…] 8N24 – 3-hander; fully skeleonized for skeleton dial […]

1 year ago

My Clogau Baroque watch has a Miyota 8N24 gilt movement. The automatic rotor is beautifully embossed with the ‘Tree Of Life’ design – a pattern synonymous with this Welsh jewellery maker. Some movement parts contain a small amount of Welsh gold.

Miyota Caliber 8N26 Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
1 year ago

[…] is a similar (and more widely used) Miyota caliber 8N24 with the main difference being that the 8N26 is made for watches with a higher hand position. The […]

1 year ago

ah,a citizen skeleton,in common,the GOLDEN watch.

11 months ago

Egard Shade V2. Very nice watch and they have good morals displayed in their ads.

michael frost
michael frost
8 months ago

will the shorter 8N24 hands fit on to a 8N26 movement

7 months ago

this caliber also powers the Fossil ME3130

2 months ago

Rotary GS02942/29 (16385) has miyota 8N24 movement

10 days ago

Часы луч, с данным механизмом

Seagull Caliber St19

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