Longines Conquest Vhp L288 2 Eta E56 111

Longines Caliber L288.2

Longines Conquest Vhp L288 2 Eta E56 111

Brand Longines
Caliber Number L288.2
Base Caliber
ETA E56.111
Movement Type Quartz, battery-powered, analog
Chronometer Spec?
Lignes 12.5”’
Jewel Count
No jewels (0)
400 Hz
Battery Cell
SR936W (380)
Battery Life
4 years
Low Battery Indicator?
Hand Count 3
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central seconds; perpetual calendar date at 3:00
Other Features
Gear Position Detection (GPD)
Hacking Seconds?
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made (V8)
Known Models
Longines Conquest V.H.P. 3 Hands (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Longines caliber 288.2 is  thermocompensated a high-speed and high-accuracy quartz watch movement found in the Conquest VHP (Very High Precision). This movement is basically an ETA cal. E56.111 with Longines branding.

High Frequency / Accuracy:

The 288.2 is considered a “high speed” movement because it operates at a frequency of 400 Hz, which translates to a beat rate of 400 steps per second. This is made possible thanks to three independent two-way motors.

The ultra high frequency results in a high-accuracy rating of around +/- 5 seconds per year.

“ULTRAPRECISION OF ± 5 SECONDS PER YEAR –  The watch ensures the display of hours, minutes and seconds to an accuracy of ± 5 sec / year. This extreme accuracy is achieved through an ultra-precise quartz combined with time display correction in the event of a disturbance.” -Longines user manual

Setting the Time/Date:

When pulling the crown out and begin adjusting the time, the seconds hand aligns itself at 12:00. This is used for precise time setting, so that you can press it in exactly as the minute changes.

Turn the crown forwards or backwards to locate the desired time on the dial. The crown can be rotated in either direction. Rotating slowly will advance the minutes hand, while rapid rotations will advance the hours.

To set the date forwards or backwards, make full 24 hour rotations in either direction. Note that you cannot change the date more than one day forward or backward. According to Longines, this is “in order to avoid disrupting the perpetual calendar”.

Press the crown back in, the seconds hand will start to move again.

Longines refers to this crown/time-setting system as the “smart crown”:

“The smart crown allows to set the time minute by minute or hour by hour (quick setting), by turning the crown either slowly or vigorously. When changing the time (in summer/winter, for example), the movement automatically repositions the second and minute hands to the exact position of the previous time, therefore ensuring extra precision.” -Longines user manual

Watch Video – Setting the time/date on the Longines VHP

Changing the Battery:

The battery in the L2822.2 is said to last approximately 4 years.

The battery cell number is SR936W (380). You can order new batteries here – your purchase supports this site.

The cell is held in place by a round battery strap with 2 screws.


When the battery runs low, the EOL (end of life or low battery indicator) mode will activate, causing the seconds hand to impulse (“tick”) every 5 seconds.

If the battery is too low to sustain the low battery mode, the watch will enter an EOE (end of energy) mode, which will reposition the hands to 12:00 and remain in this state for up to 6 months.

If the battery is completely drained after the ~6 months of EOE or if the battery is removed from the movement for more than a day, the watch will require resynchronization. This is basically a factory reset. Longines states that the watch will need to go to an approved service center for synchronization.

Energy-Saving Mode:

Energy-saving mode is different than EOL or EOE because it is activated by the user. This feature is meant to save or preserve the battery power – for example, when the watch is not going to worn for long periods of time, you can activate the energy-saving mode. Actually, while Longines markets this as a feature, energy-saving mode is nothing more than “hacking” the movement.

To activate energy-saving mode, simply pull the crown out to time-setting position. The hands will align at 12:00. Energy-saving mode activates in one minute.

Note: When pulling out the crown with the intention to store your watch in energy-saving mode, be mindful of the crown/stem sticking out and be sure to store it properly so that the crown can’t be pressed back in or catch on something.

Gear Position Detection (GPD):

The calibre L288.2 is equipped with what the brand calls its Gear Position Detection system, which protects the movement from exposure magnetic fields and excessive shocks. When the GPD is activated due to either of those conditions, it either corrects the time immediately, or at 3AM. Even if the watch is not disrupted by magnetism or shock, the GPD system automatically corrects itself every 3 days at 3AM, just in case. This is partly how this caliber is able to offer such high precision, thanks to its ability to adjust its own time accordingly.

Longines explains how this system works with magentism:

“Sensors detect the presence of magnetic fields. Above a certain threshold, the display freezes, although the time is still being counted. As soon as the watch moves away from the magnetic fields, the display immediately corrects itself.” -Longines user manual

And with shocks:

“In case of a shock up to 500G, the display is immedi- ately corrected. In the event of stronger shock, the cor- rection occurs automatically thanks to the GPD system.” -Longines user manual

Notice on the stock photo at the top of this page, a marking that looks like ETA’s PreciDrive/PowerDrive logo.

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Longines Caliber L288 2 Eta E56 111

Video – Conquest VHP Introduction:

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