Tissot Caliber K19
Tissot Caliber K19

Tissot Caliber K19.401

Brand Tissot
Caliber Number K19.401, K19401
Movement Type Quartz, digital, battery-powered
Lignes 13”’
Jewel Count
Battery Cell
CR 2025
Battery Life
Battery EOL?
Hand Count 0
Functions Digital hours, minutes, seconds; day of the week; date; chronograph stopwatch; split/laps; timer; alarm; backlight
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made (V8)
Known Models
Tissot PRX Digital T-Classic Collection (Ref: T137., T137., T137.463.11.050.00, T137.463.11.030.00) (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Tissot caliber K19.401 is a modern digital quartz movement found in the Tissot PRX Digital reissue watches that were announced in 2023.

The K19 movement is produced by ETA. Tissot and ETA are both owned by the Swatch Group conglomerate of watch companies.

Low Battery Indicator:

When the battery is low on your K19 powered digital watch, the LCD screen will display text that spells “bAt“.

Tissot does not mention the expected battery life.

Turn the Beep Off:

This movement is capable of producing a beeping sound, but that might not be everyone’s most desired feature. To turn the audible sound off on your Tissot PRX Digital watch, simply press the two buttons (top and bottom on the right side) at the same time, for about 2 seconds. When the sound is on, the watch will beep. Press the buttons again to turn off, press them again to turn on, and so on.

Backlight Function:

The K19 features a useful backlight function. The button on the top left is the light button. Pressing this button will turn the light on for 5 seconds each time. If you turn the light on, then perform other functions, the light will stay on a few seconds longer. Other than that, there is no way to keep the light on continuously because it would drain the battery. That also means that the more times you use the backlight, the faster you are depleting the battery energy.

Not Caliber 4012:

If you are looking for calibre 4012 information because of the Tissot marketing materials referencing that movement, click here.

“This creation is a daring fusion between the timeless PRX design and the Digital Quartz (with a 4012 Calibre), launched in 1977.” -Tissot PRX Digital press-release

At first it sounds as if the modern PRX Digital is the same movement as the one used in 1977, but further research reveals that the original 4012 had two battery slots, whereas the modern PRX Digital calls for one CR2025 cell.

Further down the press-release, Tissot adds even more caliber confusion:

“It features a Swiss made K19 Quartz digital movement and mirror sapphire glass, lending it a unique retro-futuristic appeal.”

You may also find references to an ETA caliber DGT-2040 online, but Tissot does not appear to mention that caliber number – only “K19” in their official press-release. The movement itself is also signed “K19401” with an ETA shield logo.

Editor’s Commentary: Of course it doesn’t help the manufacturer doesn’t bother to show images of the movement their customers are getting in a digital watch for $375 USD, but such is the luxury watch industry! And it’s not like big watch blogs bother to open a watch or ask the brands for more specifics outside of their quick specs lists.

Video – Tissot PRX Digital Tutorial

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