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Citizen/Miyota Parashock

Citizen Miyota Parashock

Parashock is the name of Citizen Watch Company’s proprietary anti-shock system for mechanical/automatic watch movements. In technical terms, it is a spring-loaded mounting system for the jewel bearings that support the balance wheel. Anti-shock devices help protect the balance wheel’s pivots from damage in the event of dropping the watch or hitting it against something hard.

This technology was first introduced in 1956. As Miyota and Citizen are one in the same, you will also find Parashock technology in Miyota and HMT calibers. Perhaps as a competitive reaction to Seiko’s Diashock system, Citizen went through extreme measures to introduce their Parashock equipped watches to the market:

“Our first shock resistant watch was called the Parashock. In 1956 in order to prove its durability the watch was dropped from a helicopter 30 meters above the ground in 11 different cities” -Citizen Watch Co.

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