Ronda caliber 705

Ronda Caliber 705

Ronda caliber 705 Swiss Made

Caliber NumberRonda 705 (Normtech)
Size10 1/2”’ x 2.50mm thick
Battery Cell Number371
Claimed Battery Life60 months
Jewels5 in the gold Swiss made version (Swiss parts variant has 1 jewel)
FunctionsHours, minutes, central seconds, date
Switzerland (Swiss parts version also available)
Known Models
Doxa Aquaman, Calister Bauhaus (add yours in the comments below)

According to the Ronda website, there are two versions of this movement: a gold plated Swiss Made version with 5 jewels and nickel plated Swiss parts version with 1 jewel. See the Swiss made model in the video below. The pics are from a Swiss parts model.

Ronda caliber 705

How to change the battery in the Ronda 705?

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3 years ago

Momentum Flatline 42 has Ronda 705 movement

Chris Autterson
Chris Autterson
1 year ago

Is this the same movement as the Shinola Argonite 705? If so , is the Agonote gold plated with Swiss parts / 5 jewels ?

Tony Slayden
Tony Slayden
11 months ago

I have a Reform watch that has the 705 I believe. It’s the 1 jewel swiss parts. If I am wrong please correct me as I am trying to authenticate what I have. This piece was found at a thrift store and I cannot find it anywhere on the web

Billy L, Kuala Lumpur, MYS
Billy L, Kuala Lumpur, MYS
4 months ago

I’ve serviced one. The Roscani Paris. It uses the 705. It had the -ve battery prong snapped in two! Too tiny to reattach with solder ! Anyone had a similar Ronda with a bad -ve battery prong? Seemed it is easily broken. Had to resort to improvise with a small folded Aluminium Foil of thin thickness to act as the prong. It works and a averted the need for a new 705. Just wondering if… Read more »

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