Eta 2824 2 Microbrand Watch

ETA Caliber 2824-2

ETA caliber 2824-2 in a Chase Durer watch

Caliber Number2824-2
Movement Type
Automatic, self-winding mechanical
Power Reserve~38 hours
Vibrations Per Hour
28,800 bph, 4Hz
Lift Angle
50 degrees
Hands1.50mm / .90mm / .25mm
Shock ProtectionNovodiac / Incabloc
Rotor Type
Ball bearing
Rotor Winding Direction
Hand Winding Direction
FunctionsCentral hours, central minutes, central sweeping seconds, date at 3:00 (could be different depending on the date window cutout on the dial)
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland, Swiss made
Known Models
Too many to list (Add your watch in the comments below…)

The ETA caliber 2824-2 is perhaps one of the most well-known and most recognized movements in the watch industry. It has been in production since 1982 and was based off of the original Eterna caliber 1427. The “-2” designation indicates that it is the 2nd generation in the evolution of the movement.

The 2824 is considered to be a “workhorse” movement by many watch enthusiasts. There is also a manual wind version of this movement, known as caliber 2804-2.

Four Grades of ETA 2824-2:

There are four grades available with the main differences being how the watches are tested at the factory, the finish, the mainspring, the hairspring, and the anti-shock device used. Let’s compare the grades below:

Standard Grade:
Adjusted in two positions; Nickel plated balance wheel; Nivarox  hairspring; ETACHOC / Novodiac anti-shock device; polyrubies used for pallet jewels.

Elaborated (Elabore) Grade:
Adjusted in three positions; Nickel plated balance wheel; Nivarox  hairspring; ETACHOC / Novodiac anti-shock device; polyrubies used for pallet jewels.

Top Grade:
Adjusted in five positions; Glucydur balance wheel; Anachron hairspring; Incabloc anti-shock device; red rubies used for pallet jewels.

Chronometer Grade:
Adjusted in five positions; COSC specs; Glucydur balance wheel; Anachron hairspring; Incabloc anti-shock device; red rubies used for pallet jewels.

All grades have the same diameter, height, jewel count, frequency, and power reserve.


The expected accuracy of the ETA caliber 2824-2 depends on the grade.

  • Standard – +/-12 seconds per day up to +/- 30 sec/day
  • Elaborated – +/-7 seconds per day up to +/- 20 sec/day
  • Top – +/-4 seconds per day up to +/- 15 sec/day
  • Chronometer COSC spec

The average for this caliber is the +/12 seconds per day range since most of the 2824-2 movements out in the wild are the Standard grade.

Same Movement, Different Caliber Numbers:

The ETA caliber 2824-2 is supplied to many different watch companies for use in a wide variety of watches. These companies will often put their own branding on the rotor, or make other small changes. This sometimes leads them to creating their own caliber number.

Before the watch industry’s rush to produce and market in-house movements, some watch companies would create their own caliber number to disguise the fact that their watch was using the ETA 2824-2. This isn’t because the 2824-2 was less desirable movement, but rather because much of the watch industry was smoke and mirrors, and also in an effort to create higher prices in the market since nobody knew the cost of the parts within the watches.

Click here for more examples of 2824-2 movements that are branded under different caliber numbers.

Clone Movements:

Since the patent giving exclusive rights to ETA for the design of the 2824-2 expired, there have been similar movements aka “clones” popping up that are based on this movement: For example the Sellita caliber SW200-1, STP1-11, Valanvron VAL-24, Hangzhou caliber 6300, Seagull caliber ST2130.

Replacement Prices:

Although ETA movements are now unavailable for purchase from ETA, you can still find watch parts suppliers offering replacement movements for sale. The gold tone version (see example below) appears to cost less than the silver (nickel plated) version. Prices generally range from $200-$300 USD, but at the time of this post, the gold tone 2824-2 can be purchased for $236.20 USD here, and the nickel plated for $262.42 USD here.


Eta 2824 2 Drawings

More examples of watches with ETA 2824-2:

ETA 2824-2 from micro watch brand Sablier Grand Cru. It features a rarely seen brass/gold tone finish:

ETA 2824-2 from Sablier with brass finish

ETA 2824-2 in a Stowa Back to Bauhaus minimalist watch with a custom engraved rotor:

ETA 2824-2 found in a Peren Nera microbrand watch:

Eta 2824 2 Microbrand Watch

The movement below was found in a Glycine watch. They stamped their own caliber number GL224 on the rotor, but it is actually an ETA caliber 2824-2:

Glycine Caliber Gl224 2824 2

Pros and Cons:


  • Proven reliability in a wide range of watches
  • Easy to regulate
  • Almost all watchmakers have experience with this movement and should have no issues servicing one


  • No longer available from ETA in bulk quantities
  • Parts may become more difficult to find as time goes on
  • Expensive to replace

ETA 2824-2 FAQs:

  • Can you overwind a watch with this movement?
  • What is the recommended service interval?
    5 years.
  • What watches have the 2824-2?
    So many watch companies use this movement that it’s hard to list them all. Check the comments below for some ideas of models powered by this caliber.
  • What are the watch winder settings for the 2824-2?
    The typical recommendation is both directions at 650 turns per day. Comment below if you use different settings.
  • What is a healthy amplitude for this caliber?
  • Which position should the crown be in for stem removal?
    Pulled out two clicks to time-setting position (although some folks swear by removing it from the winding position).
  • What size screwdriver head for the stem release button slot?

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