Seagull Caliber St1902

Seagull Caliber ST1902

Seagull Caliber St1902

Caliber NumberST1902, ST-1902, ST19, 1902
Based On
Venus 175
Movement Type
Mechanical chronograph, manual-wind
Beats per hour21,600 vph
Power Reserve
~42 hours (also seen reports of 51 hours)
Anti-Shock SystemIncabloc
Chronograph System
Column Wheel
Hacking Seconds?No
FunctionsCentral hours, central minutes, small seconds at 9:00, 30 min chronograph subdial at 3:00, 12 hour subdial at 6:00
Country of ManufactureChina
Known Models
Invicta 5105 (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Sea-Gull caliber ST1902 is a mechanical hand-wound chronograph movement. This caliber is known to be based off of the Venus caliber 175. At one point a legend was circulating around the internet claiming that this series of movements is not only based on Venus calibers, but also manufactured on the same machines. If anyone has actual proof of this claim, please share in the comments below.

6:00 Subdial:

This movement is essentially a 2 subdial chronograph. The 6:00 subdial on the caliber ST1902 is often simply listed as a 12 hour subdial, causing confusion about the functionality. This is not a 12 hour totalizer subdial for the chronograph complication. It is a 12 hour hand that matches the main central hour hand.

Is ST1902 the same as ST19?

You may see the caliber number for this movement shortened to just ST19. This is accurate as the base caliber number, but it is not accurate when talking specifically about the ST1902. With ST19XX, the last two digits indicate different versions or complications added to the base ST19 (ST1901).

ST1902 VS TY2902:

As is common with watch calibers of Chinese origin, there is confusion with the caliber number system. The caliber ST1902 is the same as TY1902.

Replacement Prices:

At the time of this post, replacement prices for the Seagull caliber ST1902 were found online for around $110.00 USD.

Additional Image Gallery:

Seagull Caliber St1902 Mechanical 10 Seagull Caliber St1902 Mechanical

Additional Resources:

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11 months ago

I had a watch with this and I got rid of it. It looks nice on the backside but there are better variations of the ST19 IMHO. I never understand this movement and the hand at 6:00? It doesnt do anything, it doesnt even tell the 24 hour time or a second time. Is it just a decoration?

Gerald Bean
Gerald Bean
11 months ago
Reply to  Chuck

Chinese movements are known for having extra functions that have no purpose. Swiss would never put a hand that does nothing.

6 months ago
Reply to  Gerald Bean

No? How about Longines, using a closed date window on its retrograde military watch as many other Watchmakers do for some models. Nothing wrong with that idea. It does creates a ghost position for the Crown, yes. Perhaps we should skip the idea that Chinese craftmanship is …crap?

9 months ago

Beautiful movement.

8 months ago

Beautiful movement

6 months ago

Would this movement fit in a speed master case.

6 months ago

Can you fit a st1902 into a copy speedmaster ? And where can you buy the movement ring

Mark L.
Mark L.
5 months ago
Reply to  Gary

Anything is possible but the subdials aren’t all real chronograph subdials. Just make a cool watch why copy one?

4 months ago
Reply to  Mark L.

My watch is a replica speedmaster automatic and the dials do nothing. That is why i would like to fit a st1902 movement because its hand wind and the stop watch will work.

China Made: Tianjin Watch Factory - SaFonaGastroCrono
2 months ago

[…] día de hoy, el calibre cronográfico ST19 resulta uno de los más interesantes de todo el mercado, tanto por sus aspectos técnicos como por […]

1 month ago

Definitely a BM, a beautiful movement!

1 month ago

Do you know what the lift angle is for the ST19?

Brian Centeno
Brian Centeno
29 days ago
Reply to  Sam

my question too

Ian Watson
Ian Watson
4 days ago

I was wondering, seeing as this is the Venus 175 in everything but name, I have a NOS Sekonda 3017 dial and wondered if the dial would fit this as the dial is fitment for a Venus 150 aka the Strela. Anyone know?

Venus Caliber 178
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