Tag Heuer Cal Th20 22

TAG Heuer Caliber TH20-00

Tag Heuer Cal Th20 22

Manufacturer TAG Heuer
Caliber Number TH20-00, TH 20-00
Movement Type Automatic, self-winding mechanical, chronograph
Beat Rate
28,800 (4Hz)
Lift Angle
Power Reserve
80 hours
Rotor Style
Rotor Winding Direction
Anti-Shock Device
Hand Count 6
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central chronograph seconds;  small seconds at 6:00 (60 seconds); 30 minutes chronograph counter at 3:00; 12 hour chronograph counter at 9:00; date at 12:00
Hacking Seconds?
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models
TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph (Refs: CBS2210.FC6534; CBS2212.FC6535)

The TAG Heuer caliber TH20-00 is an automatic column wheel chronograph movement. Watches with this caliber were introduced on March 27, 2023 at Watches and Wonders 2023 in Geneva.

In Tag Heuer’s own words:

“Enhanced by elegant finishings, the in-house movement Calibre TH20-00 automatic integrates an ultra-efficient bidirectional mass geared for radical precision.” –Source

Caliber TH20-00 VS Heuer 02:

The calibre TH20-00 is considered an upgrade from the previous Heuer 02.

Both are in-house movements, but there are some notable differences. For example, the Heuer 02 has a unidirectional rotor, whereas the new TH20-00 has a bidirectional rotor. Some TH20-00 powered watches have a date window at 12:00, but others have it in the same 6:00 location as the previous Heuer 02 watches.

The manufacturer’s warranty on the new TH movements has been increased from 2 years to 5 years.

Also important to note is the change in naming convention for the new caliber. The previous “Heuer 02” was redundant, especially when sites like Caliber Corner would mention the TAG Heuer Heuer 02. Not good for SEO or preventing caliber confusion. Luckily, they caught onto that and gave this new movement a proper caliber number.

Evolution from the Heuer 02:

This page from TAG discussed the evolution from the Heuer 02 to the TH20-00 – but, be forewarned, it is a confusing read and it’s hard to tell if they are talking about the Heuer 02 or the TH20-00 in most of the sections.

“How can one improve a movement that’s already extremely well-made? For nearly 6 months, the Calibre Heuer 02 was analysed down to its smallest workings and observed in the field, in order to identify as precisely as possible any areas that could be improved. These invaluable observations led to strict development specifications. After two years designing it, three key developments emerged.” -A new era for an iconic calibre: the Heuer 02 movement evolves (linked above)

The same article goes on to say:

“The finest example that exists of automatic watch-making, the Heuer 02 movement stands out thanks to its impressive battery power. Most watches on the market can keep going for between 40 and 50 hours without being worn, but the Heuer 02 movement lasts 80 hours.”

Battery power? Who wrote this?

Rotor Text:

The rotor on the cal. TH20-00 features cutout in the shape of a TAG shield logo. The text reads: TAG HEUER / TH 20-00 THIRTY-THREE (33) JEWELS SWISS

It is interesting to note that although TAG Heuer writes the caliber number as TH20-00 on their product pages, the rotor in at least one of their stock pics looks like there is a space between TH and 20. Maybe they changed this at one point but forgot to notify their graphic designer of the changed. Often times, the brands themselves cannot even stick with one official way to write a caliber number!

Tag Heuer Caliber Th20 22

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7 months ago

Is this movement COSC certified? TAG don’t shout about it on their website (but they do about the Heuer 02 in the fly back Autavia), so I guess not, but does anyone know it’s claimed accuracy

7 months ago
Reply to  Paul

I have a 2023 Monaco with this exact calibre, bought in July. The accuracy is unbelievable. I wear it most days and leave it 9 down overnight (the only logical resting position). It runs at +1 sec per week. Not day, week. At first it was plus 3-4 per day, but after a month it started getting better and it settled on this. I tried leaving it dial down, up and even 3 down. It negatively affected the accuracy. 9 down, wearing it daily and handwinding it when not, is the way to go, at least in my case.

1 month ago
Reply to  E

How’s that accuracy holding up now? Going to pick up my Reverse Panda next month, very excited and the movement seems like a gem!

12 days ago
Reply to  E

So I can now update I took ownership of my Reverse Panda Glassbox 4 days ago and accuracy when fully wound is at +3 seconds a day with the crown up, no COSC certificate but going off of what the movement is achieving on day 1 I’d say it’s completely unneeded. Despite the closed off automatic winding bridge the escapement is so open you can see the running seconds gear running straight off of the escapement wheel, really love the openness of the movement and the vertical clutch and column wheel being so exposed, same as the Heuer 02 I… Read more »

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