Shancheng Caliber Pt5000

H.K. Precision Technology Caliber PT5000

Shancheng Caliber Pt5000

ManufacturerH.K. Precision Technology (HKPT)
Caliber NumberPT5000
11 1/2”’
4.60mm thick
Power Reserve38 hours
Lift Angle
50 degrees
Vibrations Per Hour28,800 bph, 4Hz
Quickset Date?Yes
FunctionsHours, minutes, central seconds, date at 3:00
Country of ManufactureChina
Known Models
Shancheng Exceptional Life aka 山城表 卓越糸列非凡人生 (Add yours to the comments below…)

The H.K. Precision Technology caliber PT5000 is an ETA 2824-2 clone made in China. The debut of this movement was mentioned in Chinese news articles as far back as September 2015.

Aside from 2 mechanical movements (PT5000 and a manual wind caliber PT5100), HK Precision Technology specializes mostly in multi-function quartz movements and digital LCD screen smart watch movements.

Is caliber PT5000 a certified chronometer?

The ETA caliber 2824-2, as well as clones like the Sellita SW200-1, are available in a chronometer grade. Theoretically, this implies that any movement following the design of the 2824-2, made from similar quality materials and precisely regulated, should be able to pass the criteria used to determine chronometer certification.

On January 24, 2018, a Shancheng brand watch powered by the the caliber PT5000 received attention for receiving chronometer status after passing tests at the Glashütte Observatory in Germany. Although it’s possible that other brands using this caliber will market this achievement, it does not mean that all watches with this movement will be within chronometer spec. In other words, the capability for the caliber PT5000 to be adjusted for timekeeping within chronometer spec does not necessarily mean that a watch with this movement is a certified chronometer.

Chronometer Observatory in Glashutte:

Sometimes when folks hear the word “Glashütte” they immediately associate it with Glashütte Original. To clarify: The Glashütte Chronometer Observatory is located in the town of Glashütte, and is not affiliated with the Swatch Group owned watch brand Glashütte Original, other than the fact that they are in the same city. The observatory is actually owned and operated by German watch and jewelry retailer Wempe, where they certify their own brand of chronometer watches, as well as watches from other brands such as the aforementioned Shancheng.

The Glashütte Observatory tests and certifies watch movements for timekeeping within chronometer spec under DIN 8319. This is similar to how the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) tests for ISO 3159 standards, except for the fact that COSC only tests and certifies Swiss made movements, whereas the Chronometer Observatory has no such restriction. Additionally, COSC tests uncased movements, but the Glashütte Observatory will test cased or uncased movements.


For caliber PT5000 movements that are available to purchase wholesale for other brands to put in their timepieces, HK Precision Technology claims an accuracy rating of +/-12 seconds per day.

PT5000/2824-2 Part Interchangeability

Although some brands using the PT5000 may tout that the ETA 2824-2 is a tried and true movement being used by many watch companies, therefore parts are always readily available if needed, it is not confirmed which (if any) parts from the ETA 2824-2 are directly interchangeable with the PT5000.

For example, although the Sellita SW200-1 is a clone of the ETA 2824-2, it still has parts that only fit Sellita. Clone does not mean exact 1 to 1 copy. It just means it is based on the original technical designs of the 2824-2. Therefore, we do no have enough information to comment on parts availability for the caliber PT5000.

The replacement price of the entire PT5000 movement may be more economical than spare parts for a Swiss made ETA 2824-2, so that alone should make one at ease with the idea of having to source parts. Just buy a spare movement and have it on hand if your is in need of repair.

PT5000/ETA 2824-2 Swapability:

Since the PT5000 is a clone of the 2824-2, the sizes are identical, so entire movements should be swapable as long as the dial feet for the PT5000 are in the same location as the 2824-2. (Please confirm in the comments below)

Who Produces the PT5000?

We have previously noted the confusion with identifying Chinese made movements and the inconsistency around the factory or manufacturer associated with specific caliber numbers. The confusion continues with the PT5000. Trying to find the actual manufacturer (such as ETA, Sellita, Soprod, Miyota, etc) to put in front of the caliber number can lead one down a rabbit hole with no clear answer.

You may see this referred to as the HK Precision Technology caliber PT5000 or the Shan Cheng caliber PT5000. The corporate structure might look something like this: Hong Kong Precision Electronics Co., Ltd, > H.K. Precision Watch & Clock MFG. Co. Ltd. > Chong Qing Clock & Watch > Shan Cheng Watch. Based on this, Shan Cheng is the name of a watch brand within the HK Precision Group, that uses the PT5000 in some of their models.

“On September 9, 2015, the first high-end mechanical watch movement PT5000 successfully developed by Chongqing Watch Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was launched.” –source

Based on the excerpt above, it seems that it could be correct to call it the Chongqing caliber PT5000 or HK Precision Technology PT5000. The Shancheng watch with this movement also has Chong Qing on the dial, but that could also be because the company is located in Chong Qing, China.

Researching this further, it appears that the engraved logo under the balance wheel on the PT500 belongs to HK Precision Technology, therefore, we’re sticking with calling it the HK Precision Technology caliber PT5000 for now.

Shancheng PT5000 Marketing:

Below is an example of Shancheng marketing the use of the PT5000 in some of their watches. (source)

Shancheng Caliber Pt5000 Marketing

Replacement Prices:

At the time of this caliber listing, replacement prices for the PT5000 were found online for $68.00 USD.

Examples of watches with this caliber:

Watches with this caliber can be found in the price range of $230.00 to around $400.00 USD.

Additional Resources:

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5 months ago

Fantastic movement. Mine (in a Hruodland FF homage) lost 25 seconds in its first 28 days of use, then 55 seconds over the next three months, easily beating any of my several 2824/2, 2894 and Valjoux watches. Annoyingly it stopped working after 7 months continuous use due to lack of factory applied oil. It is now lubricated and keeping near perfect time again. In UK we have a saying “there’s no point spoiling the ship… Read more »

Jack Wright
Jack Wright
4 months ago

My PT5000 after wearing it for 11 days 24/7 is losing 3.45 seconds per day. I do wind it every morning as my mobility is restricted. But i am very happy with this movement,

Sarfaraz Rahman
Sarfaraz Rahman
4 months ago
Reply to  Jack Wright

same here, few winds every morning and the world’s my oyster!!

Richard Leblanc
Richard Leblanc
3 months ago
Reply to  Jack Wright

A vôtre service, Mr. Wright !

Sarfaraz Rahman
Sarfaraz Rahman
4 months ago

Very good and reliable movement. I have the San Martin Mark 11 style timepiece with a bronze case and this movement fits perfectly. What i would say is, including 3/4 of the watch examples in this article, why do watchmakers use a movement with a date function, but is ghosted within the dial itself. Ah yes, reliability. Ergo, the PT5000 movement is fantastic, feels robust and long lasting.

Richard Leblanc
Richard Leblanc
3 months ago

Le mouvement est Top Class, vraiment le sommet de son classe !
Jamais encore un autre replacement aprės le dingue-ETA 2824-2,
lequel n’était pas pour la précision, que je veux si ravissant !

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