Kif Anti Shock Absorber

Kif (Anti-Shock)

Kif Anti Shock Absorber

KIF is an anti-shock system made by KIF Parechoc, SA. The company was founded in 1944 and is headquartered in Vallée-de-Joux, Switzerland.

Kif Shock Absorber Exploded View

KIF is a removable Swiss made shock absorber found in a wide range of watches, and was most notably used in Rolex watches until they invented their own. KIF also produces wheel trains, barrels, screws, pinions, and other movement components.

In KIF Parechoc’s own words:

“Shock absorbers are our flagship products. This high-precision unit protects the core of mechanical watch movements. Our experience in the index assembly field has led us to be chosen by the most prestigious watchmakers to develop and manufacture fine adjustment systems resorting to different concepts.”

KIF currently lists 3 types of shock absorbers on their site:

  • Elastor
  • Ultraflex
  • Trior

Kif Elastor Ultraflex Trior

However, there are a few more KIF shock absorbers available:

  • Flector
  • Satellor
  • Duofix
  • Minifix
  • Duobil

Kif Flector Satellor Duofix Minifix Duobil

How to remove KIF shock absorbers?

This video shows a macro view of removing a KIF anti-shock spring:

Additional Resources:

  • Read about other anti-shock devices here
  • Kif official site here

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1 year ago

Thank you! I always wondered hat my 63 Hamilton caliber 689 used and now I know. It’s the Flector.

1 year ago

Great post! All this time I wrongly thought kif was a Rolex only shock absorber or made by Rolex. That’s why I love this site!

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