Omega Spirate System

Omega Spirate System

Omega Spirate System

Brand Omega
Part Name
Spirate System
Part Type Balance/regualator
Material Si14 (silicon)
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Calibers
Omega 9920
Known Models
Speedmaster Super Racing 329.

What is the Spirate System?

Spirate System is a new technology that makes it possible for Omega calibers equipped with the system to be more finely regulated for accuracy. The system includes a new balance spring (hairspring aka spiral) design, balance wheel, balance bridge, and ultra-fine tuning device.

Omega Spirate System Graduated Tuner Regulator

Calibers with the Spirate System:

The first and currently only caliber to feature the Spirate System is the Omega caliber 9920 found in the Speedmaster Super Racing chronograph watch.

Omega Speedmaster Racing Spirate 2023 32930445101003

When was the Spirate System released?

The Spirate System was announced on January 26, 2023 with the launch of the aforementioned Speedy Super Racing model.

Spirate System Benefits:

Because of this new spring design, the movement can achieve ultra-fine regulating via the graduated tuner device attached to the balance bridge. This fine tuning allows watchmakers to regulate the timing of a Spirate System watch to 0/+2 seconds per day – a 3 seconds improvement over Omega’s non-Spirate caliber 9900 which already performs within the average rate of 0/+5 sec/day.

Omega Spirate Regulator System

Key marketing terms and phrases:

Some of the buzzwords used by Omega to describe the Spirate System are: fine-tuned, precision, revolutionary, new, patent-pending, ultra-fine, one-of-a-kind, certified precision, literally reinvent the wheel, stability, reliability, chronometrically superior, in-house movements, innovative, solution, totally new, eccentric adjustment mechanism, new approach, high precision articulated structure, superb example. Source: Omega 2023, Tiny Device Massive Change,

Omega Spirate System Balance Wheel Si14 Hairspring

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