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Glashutte Original Watch Service Intervals and Cost

Glashutte Original is one of the few brands that publishes a price list for service. At the time of this post, the most recent Customer Service Price List is valid from February 2016. Aside from prices, this document has other interesting information such as service recommendations, what a full overhaul consists of, and useful warranty information.

What is the recommended service interval for Glashutte Original watches?

Glashutte Original recommends that you have your timepiece serviced every 3-5 years.

“Your Glashütte Original should be inspected on a regular basis, that means every 3 – 5 years. An overhaul acts as a precaution to ensure the permanent
and precise functioning of the watch, and thus maintain its value.” – Glashutte Original

What does their full service overhaul include?

Movement Work

  1. Dismantling the movement
  2. Visual inspection of individual components for wear and tear
  3. Cleaning and lubrication of the parts
  4. Replacement of hands and other worn parts
  5. Reassembly and testing for functionality
  6. Adjustment and regulation for accuracy
  7. Final testing within GO standards

Case/Bracelet Refinishing

  1. Cleaning and refinishing the case and bracelet
  2. If necessary, replace the crown, crown tube, pushers (note that the cost of the parts is included in the service cost, unless the parts are made from precious metal, however the cost of labor is billable)
  3. Water testing

How much does service cost?

The price of sending your Glashutte Original to Swatch Group for a full service of the movement depends on the caliber in your watch. It also depends on whether your watch is on a bracelet or strap.

For example, the service price a time only watch with no complications on a leather strap starts at 405.00 EUR (about $447.00 USD). If the watch is on a bracelet, the service jumps to 445.00 EUR (about $502.00  USD). The different in price for refinishing the bracelet actually isn’t too bad here.

The highest price basic service goes up to 1,675.00 EUR (about $1,847.00 USD) for PanoRetroGraph (GO caliber 60).

When you get into a timepiece like the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon (GO caliber 89) the price is not even listed and service is only offered by request.

Note: The listed prices include a 19% VAT. Also, prices listed may have gone up by the time you read this.

Basic Partial Service

When you send a watch to the manufacturer for service, they usually find another way to charge you money. This comes in the form of case refinishing and other jobs. We usually refer to this as a mandatory refinish. It means that even if you don’t want your watch to be cleaned up, they will do it anyway, and you will still be charged for it. The practical explanation for this is that they do not want to send back an freshly serviced piece in beat up condition.

Glashutte Original has a price list for Basic Partial Service which includes the following:

  1. Making the watch water resistant (ie: replacement of gaskets and seals)
  2. Replacement of hands
  3. Cleaning and refinishing of the case and bracelet

Prices for partial service range from 95.00 EUR (about $105.00 USD) to 245.00 EUR (about $270.00 USD).

GO Service Warranty

Glashutte Original warranties all work for 24 months.

“We offer a 24 months warranty for the repairs detailed above including the exchanged original replacement parts. In the event of a fault covered by this warranty, we will, at our discretion and without cost to you, rectify a faulty repair as identified by our Customer Service. All other rights resulting from the faulty execution of our services are expressly excluded. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by accidents or negligence. This warranty is rendered void if work is carried out on the watch by anybody who is not authorized to do so by Glashütte Original.”

What about vintage Glashutte?

If you have a rare or vintage Glashutte Original watch, servicing and refinishing will depend on the piece. Here is what GO says:

“Repair and restoration of historic watches are subject to the condition of the movement and availability of spare parts.”

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