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Tissot Caliber Powermatic 80

Tissot Caliber Powermatic 80

Tissot Caliber Powermatic 80

Manufacturer Tissot
Caliber Number Powermatic 80, Powermatic 80.111, PM80
Base Caliber
ETA C07.111
11 1/2”’ (25.6mm)
4.6mm (needs confirmed)
Jewels 23
Power Reserve 80 hours
Lift Angle
Vibrations Per Hour 28,800 bph, 4Hz
Hacking Yes
Hand-Windable? Yes
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds, date at 3:00
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
Tissot Luxury

The Tissot Powermatic 80 is a Swiss Made self-winding automatic movement with 23 jewels. It is found in various Tissot models and is based off of the ETA caliber C07.111 watch movement. This caliber’s claim to fame is the high 80 hours power reserve.

Plastic Parts

There is confusion about whether or not the Powermatic 80 movement uses plastic parts (similar to the Swatch Sistem51). First, it’s important to acknowledge that there is more than one Powermatic 80 caliber. For example, The Tissot Luxury line has the Powermatic 80.111 with 23 jewels and uses plastic parts. The COSC rated Powermatic 80.811 found in the Tissot Ballade does not.

Tissot Powermatic80 Silicium Video

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[…] uses plastic parts. The COSC rated Powermatic 80.811 found in the Tissot Ballade does not.”Tissot Caliber Powermatic 80 Watch Movement | Today would be a good day to delete your Facebook account: Here is […]


The very reason I shifted to Tissot diver (TISSOT SEASTAR 1000 POWERMATIC 80. T120.407.11.051.00) from Seiko solar diver that is also little cheaper. Put now I read this about plastic? It seems that research reveals that COSC is not available in the Tissot diver that is all metal movement. So now I’m back in the search and Seiko is also under consideration again. Tissot with all metal and 80 hours of power reserve can justify the price difference but not plastic. OK this is just one review and I will see if there are other reviews with same facts presented… Read more »

H. j. Klaus
H. j. Klaus

You refer to Silizium with the term plastic, implying that it is lower qualtity. The Silizium Technology allows to adjust the wheel to the movement. It’s abrasive quality is higher than metal and it is antimagnetic. Over all it makes the watches preciser. These qualities are the reason, why Omega as an example could expand it’s garanty to 5 years. I’m proud to have my first Silizium-Movement in a Mido Chronometer. The blind rejection reminds me of a conservative view that prefers the old over the progress. Watch technology did and will always change.

Bobby Allred
Bobby Allred

New, or different, does not necessarily mean progress.


Not plastic – but this:- Silicon (also known as silicium) found a new place in watchmaking and has gained momentum in the last decade or so. This material has incredible resilience when it comes to shock and is impervious to magnetic interference. Watchmakers are seeing the value in adopting this versatile material that is lighter yet harder than steel into their engineering. It improves stability, performance, accuracy, and resistance to magnetic interferences and thermal fluctuations. It also can keep its shape forever and never requires any lubrication. The most common use of silicon in a watch movement is the balance… Read more »


The Powermatic 80.111 operates at 3hz not 4hz so its actually 21,600 bph.


As a rule, if the (powermatic 80) caliber bears 23 jewels it should have a low friction plastic escapament. If it bears 25 may not. Those two jewels being the ones attached on the pallets.

The ETA C07.111 bears 23 jewels
The ETA C07.811 bears 25 jewels (and perhaps a sillicium balance spring)

Thang Bui
Thang Bui

Anyone knows if I can swap C07.111 with ETA 2824-2?
I have a Tissot Le Locle with PM80, and I want to swap out the movement for ETA 2824-2. Is it even possible? Any specific changes/modifies needed to be done?
Thanks for your help.