Cymaflex is a proprietary anti-shock device found in vintage Cyma watches.

“Cymaflex” can cause caliber confusion because the name of the anti-shock device is sometimes also the name of the watch.

It may be difficult to find individual Cymaflex components, therefore, if you are in need of parts, you may have to purchase a movement or watch for parts/repair. Sometimes there are sellers on eBay parting out old Cymaflex watches.

In Cyma’s own words:

“Shocks are the greatest enemies of a watch. Your watch is always in danger: even if you are careful, you may hit your arm against something, or, your watch may slip when you are putting it on. If you visualize the minute size of the pivot of the balance-staff – this most essential and most fragile part of a watch – you will realize that but one shock is sufficient to break or twist the pivot, causing the watch to stop. Small wonder that replacing damaged balance staffs used to be one of the watchmakers’ most frequent jobs. In the Cyma Research Department, however, an Anti-Shock Device was created which solved the problem once and for all. The Cymaflax Anti-Shock Device is a triumph of inventive genius, and its practical efficiency has proved quite extraordinary. There is no doubt that this is one of the most important and valuable inventions in the history of watchmaking. In recent years, millions of Cyma watches have been fitted with the Cymaflex Anti-Shock Device – protected by exclusive Cyma patents all over the world – is now fitted to all Cyma models. This is one of the reasons for the astonishing reliability of Cyma watches. See that your next watch is a Cyma.” -Vintage advertisement from circa 1955

The advertisement also states:

“ONLY Cyma watches have the Cymaflex Anti-Shock – but every CYMA has it!”

Small print at the bottom of the page reads:

“The Cyma Watch Co. SA of La Chaux-de-Fonds, with its works in Tavannes and Le Locle, with thousands of employees, and a world-wide Sales and Service Organization, are among the most important watch manufacturers in the whole world.”

The Cymaflex ad shown below was posted for sale on eBay here.

Cymaflex Vintage Ad

In another vintage ad (circa 1950s), also found on eBay here, Cyma continues to explain the benefits of their anti-shock invention:

“Here is the watch’s “heart” – the balance wheel, which swings back and forth many millions of times a year on tiny pivots which are but one seventy-fifth of an inch long and only three thousandths of an inch in diameter.

In unprotected watches even one shock can twist or fracture these pivots: bu tin CYMA Watches they are protected by the world’s most resilient chock-absorber… CYMAFLEX… a patented jewelled “cushion” at each end of the balance staff. A masterpiece of micro-engineering. It gives virtually perfect protection against shock… a watch’s worst enemy.”

Cyma Cymaflex Vintage Ad 1950s

Calibers with Cymaflex:

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