Alpina AL-880 REGATTA COUTDOWN caliber

Alpina Caliber AL-880

Alpina AL-880 REGATTA COUTDOWN caliber

Caliber NumberAL-880
Base CaliberSellita SW500
Vibrations Per Hour28,800 bph
Power Reserve46 hours
FunctionsHours, minutes, 10 minutes mechanical countdown, compass turning bezel
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
Known Models
Yacht Timer Regatta Countdown (ref AL-880LB4V6)

 The most important thing at the start of any regatta is crossing the start line right after the countdown. Based on the SW500 chronograph, Alpina developed an in-house mechanical module, specifically designed to time the five and 10-minute countdown to the start of a regatta. The countdown information is displayed in a highly visible manner. The dial of the watch has five eyes, the colours of which change from black to orange. In the event of any interruption to the regatta’s starting time, the AL-880 movement has a feature allowing the countdown to be held and then re-started when appropriate.

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