Tudor Caliber Mt5602u

Tudor Caliber MT5602-U

Tudor Caliber Mt5602u

Manufacturer Tudor
Caliber Number MT5602-U, MT-5602-U
Base Caliber
In-House? No (Manufacture)
Diameter 31.8mm
Thickness 6.5mm
Vibrations Per Hour 28,800 bph (4 Hz)
Power Reserve 70 hours
Jewels 25
Balance Spring Silicon, non-magnetic
Oscillator Variable inertia balance, micro-adjustment
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central sweeping seconds
Hacking Seconds?
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models
Tudor Black Bay Gen 3 (Ref: M7941A1A0RU-0001, M7941A1A0RU-0003, M7941A1A0RU-0002, M7941A1A0NU-0003, M7941A1A0NU-0002, M7941A1A0NU-0001,  ) (Add your watch to the comments below…)

The Tudor caliber MT5602-U is a 3-hander automatic manufacture movement found in various Black Bay models. This caliber was introduced in 2023.

The MT5602U is a true no-date movement without a phantom date position. It is equipped with a bidirectional rotor system and variable inertia balance, micro-adjustment by screw. This movement also features a non-magnetic silicon balance spring.

In Tudor’s own words:

“The Manufacture Calibre MT5602-U, which powers the third evolution of the Black Bay, is designed to ensure robustness and precision. To do this, the variable inertia balance wheel is maintained by a sturdy traversing bridge with two-point anchoring. This system together with its non-magnetic silicon hairspring, means the Manufacture Calibre MT5602-U is able to function within a tolerance range of 5 seconds (0/+5) tested on a fully assembled watch. Another notable feature is that the power reserve of the Manufacture Calibre MT5602-U Calibre is “weekend-proof”; that is to say, it has been certified for 70 hours by METAS.” –Source

It appears that watches with this caliber have a U at the end of the first string of characters. For example: MXXXXXXXXU-XXXX

MT5602-U VS MT5602:

The Tudor caliber MT5602-U is the Master Chronometer (METAS Certified) version of the MT5602. The finishing is also slightly different, but all other basic specs are the same.

How to tell the difference between the MT5602 and MT5602U?

Both movements are signed “MT5602” and the -U version is not signed with a U designation. Therefore, when comparing the two movements side-by-side, the way to tell them apart is that the MT5602-U features “Master Chronometer” text next to the caliber number. See the comparison image below:

Tudor Mt5602 Vs Mt5602u

What it means?

METAS certification is basically a beefed up version of the COSC testing many watch enthusiasts have come to know. While the MT5602 is a certified chronometer by COSC standards, the MT5602-U kicks it up a notch with Master Chronometer testing performed by the Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) in Switzerland.

In addition to accuracy testing, METAS also qualifies a watch based on its ability to resist magnetic fields, water-resistance depth rating, as well as maximum runtime on full power reserve.

As for accuracy, COSC spec places a movement in the range of -4~+6 seconds per day (average), whereas to be worthy of METAS spec, the movement must be within 0~+5 seconds per day. In other words, METAS watches should perform 5 seconds better than COSC-only watches.

MT5602-U VS MT5602-1U:

There is a similar cal. MT5602-1U with the main difference being that the -1U version is has a blackout finish. The MT5602-1U is found in the Black Bay Ceramic (Ref: M79210CNU-0001) and has an exhibition caseback to see the black rotor, bridges and plates. All other specs and certifications are the same as the standard issue calibre MT5602-U.

In Tudor’s own words:

“The Manufacture Calibre MT5602-1U, which powers the Black Bay Ceramic, displays hour, minute and seconds functions. It has the finish typical of TUDOR Manufacture Calibres but is entirely in black, in line with the general appearance of the watch, emphasising its distinctive performance. Its rotor in black tungsten monobloc is openwork and satin-brushed with sand-blasted details, and its bridges and mainplate have alternate sand-blasted, polished surfaces and laser decorations.” –Source

Note that in the stock images below, the blackout version (MT5602-1U) does not appear to have the same “Master Chronometer” text, even though Tudor lists it as a METAS movement on their official Black Bay Ceramic page. This could just be that they did not update their images yet, but we still need further confirmation. If you happen to have a Black Bay Ceramic with the -1U movement, please post a picture below…

Tudor Mt5602 U Vs Mt5602 1u

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