Sellita Caliber Sw240 1 Drawing

Sellita Caliber SW240-1

Sellita Caliber Sw240 1 Drawing

Manufacturer Sellita
Caliber Number SW240-1, SW 240-1
Base Caliber
ETA 2834-2
Automatic, self-winding mechanical
5.5mm thick
Jewels 26
Power Reserve 38 hours
Lift Angle
50 degrees
Amplitude Range
200-315 degrees
Beat Rate
28,800 bph, 4Hz
Rotor Style
Rotor Winding Direction
Anti-Shock Device
Novodiac or Incabloc
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central sweeping seconds; full panoramic date at 12:00; date at 3:00 or 6:00
Hacking Seconds? Yes
Quickset Date? Yes
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models
Hamtun Nanok (Please add your watch to the comments below…)

The Sellita caliber SW240-1 is a Swiss made automatic movement with a day-date complication, with a calendar layout similar to the popular Rolex Day-Date President.

It is the main competitor to the ETA 2834-2 and is considered to be an ETA clone.

Note that the watch community is commonly misinformed that the SW240-1 is based on the ETA cal. 2836-2, but it is in fact the 2834-2. The misinformation is caused by these two calibers both being day-dates. The difference, however, is that the 2836-2 has a day-date indicator side-by-side at 3:00, while the 2834-2 has the full panoramic day of the week at 12:00. The sizes are different as well: the 2836-2 is 25.6mm and the 2834-2 is 29mm (as with the SW240-1). Therefore, if looking to swap movements, the closest match would be the ETA 2834-2.

4 Grades of SW240-1:

Just like the SW200-1, there are four grades of the SW240-1 movement:

  • Standard – adjusted in two positions; accuracy of +/-12 sec/day up to +/- 30 sec/day
  • Special (Elabore) – adjusted in three positions; accuracy of +/-7 sec/day up to +/- 20 sec/day
  • Premium (Top) – adjusted in five positions; accuracy of +/-4 sec/day up to +/- 15 sec/day
  • Chronometer – COSC criteria

SW240-1 Crown/Stem Removal:

If you want to remove the movement from your watch, you will likely need to extract the stem first. Official Sellita documentation states that the crown should be in the time setting position before being extracted. Use a 1mm screw-driver to carefully press the detent button in the hole near the steam. Avoid using tweezers or any other tool with a point because this could jam the setting lever and damage the setting lever spring.

Replacement Prices:

At the time of this article, replacement prices for the SW240-1 were found online in the range of $199.00 to $265.00 USD. Be advised that the prices can fluctuate depending on quantity and grade of the movement ordered. If you have experience with ordering bulk from Sellita, please share in the comments below…

Sellita Caliber SW200-1 Drawings:

Below is the front and back view of a fully assembled SW240-1 side-by-side.

Sellita Caliber Sw240 1 Front Back


Watch brands with their own caliber number but using the SW240-1 as the base:

This section will attempt to list the brands marketing their movements as “Brand caliber XYZ”, where XYZ = SW200-1.

Additional Resources:

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10 months ago

Hoping that movement is good, but I definitively got a lemon. Movement was gaining +30 seconds per day when received, and after 4 watchmaker interventions by 2 different watchmakers, day and date don’t always switch at midnight, 25% of the time the switch occurs at 7am, and regulation is now rendered impossible with an isochronism 0f 20 seconds between full wind and the 24 hour unwound mark. The day date switch seems to be a design flaw since others have had that problem as well. Selitta says specs are good 95% of the time, I guess I got one from… Read more »

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