Eta Caliber 2834 2

ETA Caliber 2834-2

Eta Caliber 2834 2 Drawing

Manufacturer ETA
Caliber Number 2834-2
Movement Type Automatic, self-winding mechanical
Lignes 11.5”’
Overall Diameter
5.05mm thick
Jewels 25
Power Reserve ~38 hours
Vibrations Per Hour 28,800, 4Hz
Lift Angle
50 degrees
Shock System Novodiac or Incabloc
Regulator System Etachron with fine timing device
Brass (main plate and bridges)
Ball bearing
Nivarox 2
Hacking Seconds? Yes
Rotor Winding Direction
Features Central hours; central minutes; central sweeping seconds; full day of the week at 12:00; date at 3:00 or 6:00
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models Tudor Prince Date+Day (ref: 76213), Tudor Prince Date+Day (ref: 76214) (Too many to list. Add your watch in comments below…)

The ETA caliber 2834-2 is a Swiss made automatic movement with a day-date complication. The calendar display on this movement is similar to the Rolex President Day-Date, with a full day of the week indicator at 12:00 and a date at 3:00 (also possible at 6:00 depending on the dial design).

The 2834-2 is part of ETA’s Mecaline collection. Official documentation was found dated as far back as 2009, with updates as recently as 2018.

2834-2 VS 2836-2:

There is also a similar caliber 2836-2. The main difference here is that the 2836-2 features an inner day of the week calendar wheel, placing the day indicator left of the date at 3:00 on the dial (with abbreviated spelling). The 2834-2 being discussed here has an outer day wheel, placing a panoramic style day of the week indicator at 12:00 (with the full spelling).

Because of the different calendar display, the 2834-2 has a larger overall diameter of 29mm (13”’), compared to the regular 28XX size of 25.6mm (11.5”’). For this reason, the 2834-2 and 2836-2 are not interchangeable and cannot be directly swapped.

Setting the 2834-2:

  • Position 0 – Crown in hand-winding position (running position). This can be against the watch case in watches without a screw-down crown, or in unscrewed position on watches with a screw-down crown.
  • Position 1 (one click) – Quickset adjustment of the day and date. Turning the crown clockwise will advance the date. Turning the crown counterclockwise will advance the day of the week.
  • Position 2 (two clicks) – Time setting position with hacking seconds.

Note: To avoid damaging the movement, do not attempt to set the date when the hands are between the hours of 9pm and 3am.

Power Reserve:

According to ETA, it takes a minimum of 27 winds of the crown to fully wind the movement. The watch community seems to agree on 30-40 turns being sufficient to reach full power reserve. In contrast, when depending primarily on the rotor (oscillating weight) to wind the movement, it can take up to 1,250 turns or 1 hour and 30 minutes of the movement in motion.

Although the power reserve of the 2824-2 based movements, including this 2824-2, is widely known to be around 38 hours (for example, as listed in ETA tech sheets dated 2018), the official ETA website claims this caliber has a “typical power reserve” of 42 hours (as of 2021). Please comment below as to the power reserve you have experienced with your 2834-2 powered timepieces.

Drawings Front and Back:

Eta Caliber 2834 2 Drawings Front Back

Replacement Prices:

As with most ETA movements, although the 2834-2 is unavailable from ETA, replacement movements and parts can still be found online.

Examples of watches with this movement:

Below is an example of an ETA 2834-2 found in this Tudor Prince day/date watch. Notice that instead of Incabloc or Novodiac for the anti-shock device, Tudor (Rolex) used a Kif shock absorber (as they did with all of their other movements at the time as well, before switching everything over to paraflex).

Eta Caliber 2834 2

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Ryan C.
Ryan C.
7 months ago

Thank you so much for posting the warning about changing the complication. I have this calibre being delivered today in a Tissot III stainless, black dial. You may have saved me from damaging the movement.

I will perform accuracy & power reserve tests as soon as possible and post an update.

6 months ago
Reply to  Ryan C.

Ryan, thanks for your post about your watch. I’m curious about your experience with the ETA Caliber 28-34-2. Can you share what happened?

Chris B.
Chris B.
6 months ago

I have this calibre as a Breitling B45 in my 2004 Headwind, wich i bought in 2020. In these three years the rate deviation was about +/- 7 seconds a day wich i think is pretty good for a 19 year old dailydriver that has never been serviced before, or at least not to my knowledge. But i gave it to my watchmaker of choice about 6 weeks ago and I can finally pick it up this weekend. This watch/movement is awesome in my opinion, especially for a daily, because you get all the information you need with just one… Read more »

4 months ago


Seagull Caliber St19

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