Seiko Official Watch Service Overhaul

Seiko Watch Service Intervals and Prices

Seiko Official Watch Service Overhaul

Although many Seiko watch owners do not service their watches, and some even think of Seikos as being bulletproof, the official service interval for Seiko watches is 2-3 years.

Seiko’s official recommended service schedule:

In Seiko’s own words:

“Periodic inspection and adjustment by disassembly and cleaning (overhaul) is recommended approximately once every 2 to 3 years in order to maintain optimal performance of the watch for a longtime.” -Seiko

A detailed explanation:

“The power transmission gear of the movement of this watch constantly receives force. To ensure that this mechanism works properly all the time, washing parts, changing oil, adjusting accuracy, checking functions and replacing consumable parts on a regular basis are important. The first overhaul after the purchase of your watch is particularly important for preserving long-time use of your watch. According to use conditions, the oil retaining condition of your watch mechanical parts may deteriorate, abrasion of the parts due to contamination of oil may advance or delay the time significantly, or the watch itself may stop.” -Seiko

And again with a Caution box:

“Depending on the environment where a diver’s watch is used, its inner parts or movement as well as its case or band may be affected. We recommend that you have your watch overhauled regularly once every 2 or 3 years.” -Seiko

Who should perform the overhaul?

“Inspection and adjustment by disassembly and cleaning (overhaul) should be performed by the retailer from whom the watch was purchased, and who specifies “SEIKO GENUINE PARTS.” At this time, also request replacement of the gasket and the spring bar.” -Seiko

Since they allow so many of their watches to be sold on the grey market, it is interesting that Seiko says the service should be performed by the retailer that sold the watch. In most cases, the retailer in which you purchased your Seiko will not have the ability to service your watch. Does Macy’s have an in-house watchmaker? Therefore, taking the watch back to the retailer will likely just meant they will send it in for service on your behalf.

What is included when sending a watch to Seiko for service?

When you send your watch to the Seiko Service Center in USA, your watch will receive the following attention:

  • Complete service of the watch movement.
  • Grand Seiko movement overhaul includes “Light Polish.” (Grand Seiko Complete Service).
  • Fix or replace necessary movement parts. Replacement of gaskets and water resistance testing.
  • Replacement of either battery, ion cell, or rechargeable battery (depending on quartz caliber).
  • Necessary lubrication.
  • Timing adjustments and accuracy testing to caliber specifications.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of case and band.

How much is Seiko service?

As of April 2020, the cost of getting your Seiko timepiece serviced by Seiko USA is as follows:

Mechanical MovementsPrice
Grand Seiko caliber 9S watches$525.00 USD
Grand Seiko caliber 9R6 watches$570.00 USD
Grand Seiko caliber 9R8 watches$880.00 USD
Caliber 5R6$510.00 USD
Caliber 5R8$983.00 USD
Caliber 8R$363.00 USD
Caliber 8L / 6L$398.00 USD
Caliber 6R$260.00 USD
Caliber 4R$154.00 USD
Caliber 7S$118.00 USD
Older Calibers: 1000, 2505, 4204, 6100, 6205, 6619, 1100, 2517, 4205, 6105, 6206, 7002, 1320, 2615, 4207, 6109, 6217, 7005, 1520, 2623, 4402, 6117, 6306, 7006, 1600, 2706, 5126, 6118, 6308, 7009, 2104, 2906, 5606, 6119, 6309, 7548, 2205, 3703, 5626, 6138, 6319, 7619, 2206, 4006, 5740, 6139, 6600$192.00 USD
Quartz MovementsPrice
Grand Seiko caliber 9F$425.00 USD
9T$735.00 USD
Analog / Rechargeable Battery Powered$79.00 – $116.00 USD
Analog V Solar Powered$116.00 USD
Caliber 5J$175.00 USD
Caliber 7D$175.00 USD
Caliber 7L$175.00 USD
Caliber 8B$175.00 USD
Caliber 5D$239.00 USD
Caliber 5X$332.00 USD
Caliber 7X$332.00 USD
Caliber 8X$332.00 USD
Caliber 7C$179.00 USD
Non-diver Ani/Digi$98.00 USD
Discontinued Calibers$154.00 USD

Calibers that cannot be serviced in USA:

There are a few movements that must be sent back to the factory in Japan for service or repair. This takes at least 5-8 weeks on top of shipping times and the time it takes to prepare the repair estimate. The calibers include:

  • 1BXX
  • 4SXX
  • 5R86
  • 7B24
  • 7B25
  • 7R87
  • 9S25
  • 9R86
  • 9R96
  • 9T82
  • S760
  • S771
  • 6SXX
  • All Credor watches
  • All Galante watches

How long is the Seiko warranty?

Seiko’s limited manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee period is 3 years. At the time of this post, it is very difficult to find any warranty information on Seiko’s official site. The service guarantee is 12 months.

Additional Resources:

Have you sent your Seiko watch to the factory for service or repair? Talk about your experience and cost in the comments below…

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7S26 Fan
7S26 Fan
1 year ago

Looking at the service prices, some of the service costs more than a brand new watch even at gray market prices lol. They should just have a replacement program. After 2-3 send your watch in for a flat rate replacement fee.

John H
John H
11 months ago
Reply to  7S26 Fan

I’m in the UK and have just had to stop using my 7S26 powered Pulsar after 8 years of faithful service because it needs servicing which would cost more than the watch.

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10 months ago

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Steven F.
Steven F.
9 months ago

I really want a Grand Seiko Spring Drive watch. Not anymore! Look at those service prices!

Shooter McGavin
Shooter McGavin
8 months ago
Reply to  Steven F.

Got to pay to play.

Karla Miller
Karla Miller
1 month ago
Reply to  Steven F.

Look at my post “Karla Miller”

7 months ago

Seiko doesn’t want to service watches they want to SELL watches. I just paid 150 to have Seiko replace the movement in a 20 year old watch. I got 18 years out of the original movement so I consider that a win! I have numerous watches over 10 years and they’re all still running. For sub $1000 watches, I don’t see the point in service.

Karla Miller
Karla Miller
1 month ago
Reply to  Trooper

Bought a Seiko licence built, India, Allwyn. 30 yrs no service, still working properly, date/day in 2 languages. Paid ~20US$. Steel strap bought from a street vendor. Lots of swimming, the strap looks like a new one. Crystal should be exchanged, I have one, but not the tool. Guaranty service at the Allwyn Shop in Madras was excellent. Above mentioned service charges are ridiculous. U do not know, if done properly, too. My experiences with… Read more »

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[…] Seiko’s service price for the caliber 9T82 starts at $735 USD. This is a base price and does not necessarily include any other parts or overhaul processes that need performed to get your watch up and running. The high cost is partly due to the fact that all 9T series movements must be sent to Japan for servicing. […]

Harvey Ito
Harvey Ito
2 months ago

When Seiko USA had an office in Torrance, CA USA, I took my Seiko 5 (1964) to get it serviced long ago. I have not tried the NJ USA Service Center yet. That’s all I can say (first hand experiences).

12 days ago

Recently sent in a Seiko SLQ007 with 9T movement for capacitor replacement and haven’t heard anything from them but only a Handling Charge has appeared on the bill as HNDLN CHG $150 plus $35 shipping.

Venus Caliber 178
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