Sellita Calibre Sw220 1

Sellita Caliber SW220-1

Sellita Calibre Sw220 1

Caliber NumberSW220-1
Base Caliber
Based On
ETA 2836-2
11 1/2”’
5.05mm thick
Power Reserve~41 hours
Lift Angle
50 degrees
Acceptable Amplitude
200 – 315 degrees
Vibrations Per Hour28,800 bph, 4Hz
Quickset Calendar?Yes
Rotor Style
Anti-Shock Device
Novodiac or Incabloc (depending on the grade)
Hairspring Collet
Hand Count
Hands Sizes
1.50mm / .90mm / .25mm (hour/min/sec)
FunctionsCentral hours; central minutes; central sweeping seconds; day/date at 3:00 (also possible at 6:00)
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
Known Models
Bangalore Mach 1 Aviator Stealth Fighter, Farer Porthleven (Too many to list, add your watch to the comments below…)

The Sellita caliber SW220-1 is a Swiss made automatic watch movement with a day/date. This movement is based on the SW200-1 family framework, but is considered to be a clone of the ETA caliber 2836-2, with the same measurements and jewel count. Technical documentation for this calibre was found dated as far back as March 2012 and were revised in August 2017. You may see this movement spelled as SW220-1 or SW 220-1, Sellita has officially (and inconsistently) used both.

Sellita Calibre Sw220 1 Drawings Front Back


Sellita SW220-1 VS SW200-1:

The main difference between the SW220-2 and SW200-1 is that the SW220-1 has a day of the week and date calendar complication, whereas the SW200-1 only has a date. Watches with either movement can have the calendar displayed at 3:00 or 6:00 on the dial.

Sellita SW220-1 VS ETA 2836-2:

ETA has a similar day/date caliber 2836-2 with the same measurements as the SW220-1. So, are these two movements are interchangeable? The answer is yes.


How accurate is the Sellita Cal. SW220-1?

The average accuracy rating of the Sellita SW 220-1 depends on the grade of the movement (Sellita Grades).

  • Standard – +/-12 seconds per day
  • Special (Elabore) – +/- 7 seconds per day
  • Premium (Top) – +/- 4 seconds per day
  • ChronometerCOSC spec

A note about grades: Although the chart above states that the anti-shock device depends on the grade (Standard/Special are sold with Novodiac and Premium/Chronometer are sold with Incbloc), this is not always the best way to identify the grade of your movement since brands can change the shock system themselves or special order them a certain way.

You will get better accuracy results with a full power reserve.

Power Reserve:

What is the power reserve on the SW220-1?

About 40 hours.

Although Sellita has been offering updated components to achieve an increased power reserve in some of their movements, the power reserve of the SW220-1 remains around 40 hours on a full wind. Sellita themselves present inconsistencies in their documentation. For example, in the official technical documentation (source) the running time is listed at 38 hours, however, the specs list on the SW220-1 page states: “Typical power reserve: 41 hours” (source).

How many turns of the crown to reach full power reserve?

Sellita does not really provide information about how much winding it takes for full power reserve on the SW220-1, only that it takes a minimum of 27 turns. Keep in mind that this movement is based on the SW200-1, so you may want to limit the manual winding of the movement (see here). This could explain why Sellita also provides and official recommendation pertaining to the max speed of 100 turns per minute. In other words, take it easy when winding your SW220-1 powered timepiece!

Crown/Stem Removal:

Which position should the crown be in?

Official Sellita documentation states that the crown should be in the time setting position before being extracted.

What tool should be used to extract the crown/stem?

Use a 1mm screw-driver to press the detent button. Avoid using tweezers or any other tool with a point because this could jam the setting lever and damage the setting lever spring.

Sellita Sw220 1 Crown Removal


During a service, Sellita states that any parts which are not new should be cleaned then treated with Moebius Fixodrop (ES/BS 8981) Epilame before assembly. As for lubricating the movement, they call for the lubricants listed below. Oil charts can be found on starting on page 11 of the tech docs.

Learn More: Watch Oils Guide

Replacement Prices:

At the time of this post, replacement prices for the SW220-1 were found online in the range of $198.00 (standard) to $255.00 USD (top).


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List of Sellita Movements Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
1 year ago

[…] SW220-1 – Day/date at 3:00 […]

1 year ago

The information is correct. The SW220-1 is a family member of the SW200-1. The SW220-1 is different in a way it contain a day wheel. About winding a SW220-1 and her brother is for sure to take any love. Be not a wrestler, because the delicate parts are not made for rude handling. My way to keep the mainspring enough wound is wear the watches (two Sellita’s) and with the assistance of my watch winder. Sometimes i pull out a crown to position 2 when a watch goes to rest a few days. Sometimes when the watch have no power… Read more »

1 year ago

Another MeisterSinger (Münster, Germany), this time the ‘Pangaea’ with an in-house adapted version of the SW220 (-1 or -2?). This one only has one hand for the hours (part of the brand-philosophy to live in the moment, by eliminating the observation of minutes and seconds). The dial has three levels: a stationary outer ring with the hour-scale in 5-minutes intervals (so the hand moves very slowly, in 5-minutes jumps), followed by a turning sub-dial with the dates of the month (turning counter-clockwise), followed by a turning sub-dial with the days of the week (turning clockwise) and a stationary center with… Read more »

6 months ago

My Luminox Automatic Sport Timer Dive Watch, 42 mm , has this movement , purchased early to mid 2023 .

5 months ago
Reply to  G SA

How do you like the Sport Timer? I was on the fence about purchasing one a few months back and opted instead for a Marathon. I absolutely love the MSAR, but my itch for the xs.0924 still feels like it needs scratching.

G Norris
G Norris
5 months ago
Reply to  CoverPenguin

The quality is nice but I think there’s better watches out there for the money that they’re asking , now if you caught one on sale between 1000 and $1100 instead of the list price then I think he would enjoy it ! I own Luminox watches but the Quartz models. This is my first automatic from Luminox .

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