Cyma Triplex

The Cyma Triplex was a trifecta of protection for Cyma movements.

Despite lots of folks thinking it was simply referring to the brand’s proprietary Cymaflex anti-shock device, the Triplex moniker also included:

In vintage ads (such as this one on eBay), Cyma marketed their Triplex watches with lines like: “Sheltered in a hermetically sealed glass balloon.”

The brand went on to state:

“The Cyma Triplex movement owes its successful protection against DUST and DIRT to the perfect construction of its specially built case.”

…So was Cyma Triplex a movement or a case?

The same ad makes further attempts at positioning Triplex as a tool watch of its day with this:

“World’s finest watch for all climates and rough wear.”

Cyma Triplex Vintage Ad

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