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Omega Coaxial Calibers Summary

Omega Co-Axial Calibers

In Omega’s own words:

“The introduction of the OMEGA Co-Axial escapement in 1999 signalled a revolution in modern mechanical watchmaking. It was the first practical new watch movement to be launched for 250 years, and was the best performing and the most beautiful series-produced movement in the world. OMEGA Co-Axial chronometers are now achieving levels of performance previously unimagined for series-production mechanical watches. The Swiss watchmaker has produced a leap in mechanical efficiency that ensures more stable precision, and OMEGA technology has yet again marked a turning point in the history of mechanical watchmaking.” -Omega

Omega Co-Axial Calibers Summary

This card showing the Omega Co-Axial Calibers by Family was given out during a Universite of Omega training event for authorized dealers. It is a sort of cheat sheet for sales staff to quickly find Co-Axial equipped watches when serving customers.

Omega Coaxial Calibers Summary

Omega Coaxial Calibers By Family

Co-Axial Calibers on This card:

Since the time this laminated card was produced, more calibers may have been released, but it’s a cool relic nonetheless.If you know of an Omega Co-Axial caliber not mentioned here, please add it to the comments below.

Additional Resources:

  • Watch a lecture by George Daniels, inventor of the Co-Axial escapement here


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6 months ago


2 months ago

Great info . Have enjoyed a trouble free super accurate Seamaster mid size chronometer for many years. Just got a new de Ville power reserve with 2500 co axial. Not the most upmarket omega movement. Runs very accurate, but having seen the design, even modified, the physics of co axial seem to me to be inescapable – the mechanism means there is a physical impact on a small surface which looks to be higher energy… Read more »

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