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Omega Coaxial Calibers Summary

Omega Co-Axial Calibers

In Omega’s own words:

“The introduction of the OMEGA Co-Axial escapement in 1999 signalled a revolution in modern mechanical watchmaking. It was the first practical new watch movement to be launched for 250 years, and was the best performing and the most beautiful series-produced movement in the world. OMEGA Co-Axial chronometers are now achieving levels of performance previously unimagined for series-production mechanical watches. The Swiss watchmaker has produced a leap in mechanical efficiency that ensures more stable precision, and OMEGA technology has yet again marked a turning point in the history of mechanical watchmaking.” -Omega

Omega Co-Axial Calibers Summary

This card showing the Omega Co-Axial Calibers by Family was given out during a Universite of Omega training event for authorized dealers. It is a sort of cheat sheet for sales staff to quickly find Co-Axial equipped watches when serving customers.

Omega Coaxial Calibers Summary

Omega Coaxial Calibers By Family

Co-Axial Calibers on This card:

Since the time this laminated card was produced, more calibers may have been released, but it’s a cool relic nonetheless.If you know of an Omega Co-Axial caliber not mentioned here, please add it to the comments below.

Additional Resources:

  • Watch a lecture by George Daniels, inventor of the Co-Axial escapement here


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