Miyota Caliber 9039 Vs 9015

Miyota Caliber 9039 VS 9015

Miyota Caliber 9039 Vs 9015

Miyota Caliber 9039 Miyota Caliber 9015
Year Introduced 2018 2009
Type Automatic Automatic
Lignes 11.5”’ 11.5”’
Diameter 26mm 26mm
Height 3.9mm 3.9mm
Vibrations Per Hour 28,800 bph 28,800 bph
Power Reserve 42 hours 42 hours
Hacking? Yes Yes
Hand-Windable? Yes Yes
Date? No Yes
Hand Size 1.52mm/1.0mm/0.17mm 1.52mm/1.0mm/0.17mm
Hand Stack
450µ / 400µ /900µ
450µ / 450µ / 1200µ
Dial Feet Location See Below See Below
Country of Manufacture Japan Japan

Some of the topics covered in this caliber listing:

Miyota 9039 VS 9015

As you can see in the chart above, the Miyota caliber 9039 and 9015 are nearly identical with exception to two main differences:

  • The calendar complication
  • The height of the hand stack


The most notable difference when the 9039 and 9015 are compared is that the 9039 does not have a date option. The 9015 is available with 3 date options. This is not to say that a watch with the 9015 has to have a date. Before the 9039 was introduced, watch brands seeking to design a no-date timepiece would simply cover the date wheel with the dial. This Borealis Olipsio is a good example of using a 9015 without a date aperture cutout in the dial – now they can just use the 9039.

Crown Clicks:

Because of the lack of a date setting position, the crown on the 9039 only pulls out one click for time setting. The 9015 has two time setting positions: position 1 for adjusting the date and position 2 for the time.

This is why using a 9015 without a date is not ideal because it will still have the calendar setting position and functionality.

Hand Stack Height:

Another difference between these two movements is that the 9039 is capable of being used in a slightly thinner case than the 9015.

  • 9039 minimum case thickness: 8.25mm
  • 9015 minimum case thickness: 8.6mm

The has lead the watch community into thinking that the 9039 is a slimmer movement, but in fact they both have a height of 3.9mm tall. The reason the 9039 can fit in a thinner case is because the hands are lower than on the 9015:

  • 9039 total hand stack height: 1750µ (1.75mm)
  • 9015 total hand stack height: 2100µ (2.1mm)

Handstack comparison from Miyota:

Miyota Caliber 9039 9015 Hand Height Compared


The 9039 is essentially a low-hand height version of the 9015. These movements could possibly be interchanged as long as the case can accommodate the differences.

The dial feet location is the same on both movements:

Interchangeability is not guaranteed and needs to be researched further, ie: stem length, stem height, etc.

If you have successfully swapped these calibers (or even attempted), please comment below.

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4 years ago

Same same, stem wise and interchangeability so far while I’ve been making several watches with both of these.

Miyota Caliber 9039 Watch Movement | Caliber Corner
2 years ago

[…] Read the full post: Miyota Caliber 9039 VS 9015 […]

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