Valjoux Caliber 7734

Valjoux Caliber 7734

Valjoux Caliber 7734

Manufacturer Valjoux
Caliber Number 7734
Base Caliber
Movement Type Mechanical, manual-wind
Lignes 14”’
Height 6.65mm
Power Reserve (Needs confirmed)
Lift Angle 48 degrees
Vibrations Per Hour 18,000 bph (2.5 Hz)
Anti-Shock System Incabloc
Chronograph System Coulisse Lever (aka cam lever)
Hacking? No
Features Hours, minutes, central chronograph seconds, running seconds subdial, 30 minutes subdial, date
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models (Please add your watch in comments below…)

The Valjoux caliber 7734 is a 17 jewel manual-wind mechanical movement that was produced in Switzerland until ~1974.

Similar Calibers:

The Valjoux 7734 is based on a similar caliber 7733. The main difference is that the 7734 has a date complication and the 7733 does not. This makes the 7734 slightly taller than the 7733 at 6.65mm compared to 6.00mm.

There is also a caliber 7736 which has a 12 hour chronograph subdial in addition to the 30 minute recorder on the 7734. The 7736 is even taller at 7.4mm compared to the 7734 at 6.65mm.

Swiss Valjoux 7734 to Russian Poljot 3133:

After the introduction of the famous ETA/Valjoux caliber 7750 automatic chronograph movement, the machinery used to produce the 7734 was sold to the USSR. This transfer of technology spawned the Poljot caliber 3133.

7734 Chronograph Operating Instructions:

Button sequence: Top, Top, Bottom.

  • Top button: Start/Stop
  • Bottom button: Reset

Chronograph Hand Lining Up:

Unlike quartz powered chronograph movements, mechanical watches do not have the luxury of using a reset sequence to get the chronograph hand to line up to 12:00. If your caliber 7734 powered watch has a hand that is not lining up, it could be a mechanical problem and should be inspected by a professional watchmaker. Your watch may need serviced or the hand might need to be reinstalled.

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Hugo F.
Hugo F.
2 years ago

So, a bit of a left field question, i may have the oportunity to buy a working 7734 movement with everything, but a case. And checking online, i can find compatible cases, but they don’t either fit the theme of the dial or are way out of the budget (more than the momvement itself). I checked then for Poljot 3133 cases, and they are more of them and at a more reasonable price as well… My question, i know the Poljot movement is thicker than the Valjoux, would the Valjoux fit in the Poljot case nicely or would it require… Read more »

Simon Cooper
Simon Cooper
2 years ago

Heuer 741-1 has a 7734

Andrej Poliak
Andrej Poliak
10 months ago

Darwin Mars 71

Seagull Caliber St19

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