Miyota Caliber 0s11

Miyota Caliber 0S11

Miyota Caliber 0s11

Manufacturer Miyota
Caliber Number 0S11
Movement Type Quartz, battery-powered
Vertical bi-compax chronograph (12-6)
Lignes 13.5”’
4.13mm thickness
Jewels 0 (no jewels)
Frequency 32,768Hz
Accuracy Rating
+/- 20 sec/month
Battery Number SR927W (395/399)
Battery Life
5 years (estimated)
Quartz Type Tuning fork type quartz crystal
Stem 065-453
Hand Sizes 1.20mm / .70mm / .17mm (+ 2x .26mm)
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central 60 seconds chronograph hand; small running seconds at 6:00; 60 minutes chronograph subdial at 12:00; date at 3:00 or 6:00
Country of Manufacture Made in Japan
Known Models
Charlie Paris Horizon Chronograph, CT Scuderia Saturno (add yours in the comments below…)

The Miyota caliber 0S11 is a vertical bi-compax quartz chronograph watch movement with zero jewels. Miyota is owned by Citizen and this movement is made in Japan. The caliber number is often written incorrectly as OS11 or 0511. The Citizen branded version of this movement is 0511.

Miyota 0S11 VS 0S10:

There is a very similar caliber 0S10 which is the basis of the 0S11. The main difference is that the 0S11 being discussed on this page is a bi-compax chrono (two subdials) and the 0S10 is a standard tri-compax chronograph with subdials at 12-6-9. The 9:00 subdial on the 0S10 is a 12 hour chronograph counter.

Calendar Locations:

The base 0S11 movement has the date window at 3:00. This movement is also available with the date at 4:00, between 4:00 and 5:00, as well as at 6:00. Black and white background date wheel versions are available.

Accuracy Rating:

Miyota states the accuracy of the caliber 0s11 quartz movement to be +/-20 seconds/month.


The 0S11 chronograph seconds has a quick reset to zero. Miyota calls this the Heart Cam Reset System.

How to Reset to Zero?

If your 0S11 chronograph hands need calibrated back to zero after a battery change, follow the steps below:

  1. Pull the crown to position III (time setting position)
  2. Press pusher A (the top button) to advance the chronograph hand forward. Long pressing will advance the hand rapidly.
  3. When the hand is at zero or 12:00, push the crown back in.

Replacement Price:

Replacement prices for the Miyota caliber 0S11 movement were found in the range of $20.74 – $34.95 USD.

Macro Gallery:

The images below are of a Miyota caliber 0S10 which is similar from the back.

Additional Resources:

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