Oris Caliber 674

Oris Caliber 674

Oris Caliber 674

Brand Oris
Caliber Number 674
Based On ETA 7750
Movement Type Automatic
Jewels 25
Lignes 13 1/4”’
Height 7.9mm
Jewel Count
Vibrations Per Hour 28,800 (4 Hz) – early models were 21,600
Lift Angle
49 degrees
Power Reserve
~48 hours
Anti-Shock System Incabloc
Regulator System ETACHRON
Chronograph System Three-plane cam style
Rotor Ball bearing system
Rotor Direction Uni-directional
Hacking Seconds? Yes
Service Interval
~5 years
Features Central hours; central minutes, central chronograph seconds; small running seconds at 9:00; 30 minute chronograph counter at 12:00; 12 hour chronograph counter at 6:00, date at 3:00
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models Oris Big Crown Chronograph (Ref: 01 674 7567 4064-07 5 21 53)

The Oris caliber 674 is essentially a rebranded ETA/Valjoux caliber 7750 automatic chronograph movement. It features the signature red rotor found on most Oris watches.

Oris 674 Regulator

Calendar Complication:

Technically, the 7750 is engineered to have a day/date, but Oris uses with 674 without the day of the week portion of the calendar complication.

Oris 674 VS 675:

There is a similar caliber 675 which is also based on the ETA 7750. The main difference is that the 674 has a date, whereas the 675 uses the 7750’s full calendar capabilities to display a day/date. As an example, the 675 used in the Oris Big Crown Timer Chronograph features a date window at 4:30, with a day of the week aperture near the center of the dial towards 9:00.

Oris 674 VS 774:

There is also an Oris caliber 774 automatic chronograph movement. The 674 is based on the ETA 7750 and the 774 is based on the Sellita caliber SW500, which itself is a 7750 clone movement. The 774 is found in newer Oris models, following the news of non-Swatch Group brands being cutoff from ETA movement supply.


Chronograph start/stop/reset:

Button sequence: Top, top, bottom.

  • Top button: Start/Stop
  • Bottom button: Reset

Oris Caliber 674 7750


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