Chronograph Pusher C Clamps

Chronograph Pusher C-Clips & E-Clips

Chronograph Pusher C Clamps

Chronograph pushers are typically spring loaded with a coil between the button and the case. But what keeps it in place? In most cases, all that is keeping your chronograph button from jumping out of the case is a tiny little part called an E-Clip (also called a C-clip, and technically called a Circlip).

“Circlips (also known as retaining rings) are types of fastener which look like flexible, open-ended rings. Circlips are typically made from stainless steel and similar metals. Alternative names for circlips include retaining rings, retaining clips, C-type, Jesus clips, snap rings, and E-type.” –source

The pusher stem typically has a groove for the C-clip to be positioned. As you compress or press in the button, the C-clip rides along with the pusher stem, and when you release the pusher, the spring pushes is back out, but prevents the button from coming out of the case.

Below is a macro close-up example of the C/E clip. Notice on this example there is a flat part in the middle. Some of the clips have a longer center prong, which makes it look more like an E than a C. This also makes it easier to hold with your tweezers, helping with enough leverage to squeeze it on to the pusher stem without it slipping out of your tool. Although, that will still happen! Make sure you have another spares because they are hard to find when they fly away, and don’t beat yourself up about it!

Pro Tip: If you happen to loose one and need another in a pinch, you can usually borrow one from another chronograph watch until you get your supply of clamps replenished.

Chronograph Pusher C Clamp

If you need replacement C-clips, you can find boxes of different sizes here.

Videos showing how to remove and replace these clips:

Additional Resources:

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Rayford Hastings
Rayford Hastings
11 months ago

I have a broken Tissot chronograph with a quartz movement. It’s not worth much but I thought I might have it fixed some day. The button is out of the watch. I don’t know how it fell out but I still have it. I had not idea I could fix it my self. Thanks to this website now I understand what I need to get the button to stay back in the case and I… Read more »

Jean Vandelanotte
Jean Vandelanotte
11 months ago

@Rayford Hastings, you’ve done well in discovering how you can do this on your own, learning how to do things – like you described – via CaliberCorner. That’s great to read!
Thank you for letting us all know, here on Calibercorner; we’re a big family here. 🙂

3 months ago

Hello, I need to have some direction on where the Cartier caliber 1904 PS MC Balance Height Adjustment Spacer No.3 goes on the movement for the 1904 PS MC?? Please advise. thanks

Venus Caliber 178
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