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Beginner Watchmaking: How to Build Your Very First Watch by Tim Swike

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This is an outstanding book for anyone new to watches. Learn about the inner workings of mechanical watches and basics on which parts to buy, how to assemble and regulate them. Keep in mind that it’s a book for beginners, but even if you know a lot about watches it never hurts to go back and strengthen your foundation. A great book for your watch library – especially if you’re interested in learning how to mod Seiko watches!

  • Paperback
  • 286 pages
  • 8″ x 10″

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  1. Amazon Review

    I tinkered a bit with modding Seiko watches and found that I really enjoyed it. I wanted to take it to the next level and stumbled onto the e-book version of Beginner Watchmaking while searching for tutorials and instruction. I figured that if I was going to start tinkering with watches I needed to know what I was doing. I purchased my copy from that popular auction site and although there were previews it was difficult for me to tell if the book would be useful or not. So basically I took a leap of faith and bought it. (I noticed the amazon previews are much easier to see)

    I had hoped to learn about how to disassemble watches and rebuild with custom parts. I’m happy to say that all of this information is in there in much greater detail than I could have possibly hoped for. This alone was worth the cost of admission. But what inspired me to write a review was all of the “bonus” stuff I hadn’t bargained for. The author does a fantastic job of explaining the inner workings of the watch, the various parts, how they all work together etc. It’s so much more than just a DIY book. I feel confident that I have a solid base of understanding to build on.

    When you consider the subject matter it could certainly make for a boring or overly technical book. Not so in this case. The information is presented in a style I particularly enjoy; lots and lots of clear, well-done photos with a perfect ratio of text. It’s an enjoyable read and after getting through the entire book one time I felt that I had grasped most of it. At two-hundred, eighty-something pages there’s a lot of info in there. It’s all good solid stuff with no filler.

    So my leap of faith paid off. I feel that I got more than my money’s worth and it doesn’t get much better than that. –Amazon

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