Lecture: George Daniels’ Coaxial Escapements

Lecture: George Daniels’ Coaxial Escapements

This is the original lecture given by George Daniels at the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI) in June of 1990. This talk was also part of the 30 anniversary of the institute.

Many of the calibers discussed on Caliber Corner feature his Co-Axial escapement. In this video you can learn more about the invention and how it contributes to the evolution of watches today.

You can also find his popular book “Watchmaking” here.

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5 years ago

An excellent speech by a man who obviously loved the challenge of making a watch. His disdain for the lack of development in the “industry” is a refreshing counterbalance to the self-satisfaction of much of the watchmaking world.
The final watch he describes was sold in 2017 for 3.2 million GBP.


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