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ETA 2700 Series

ETA 2700 Series

Manufacturer ETA
Caliber Family 2700
Movement Type
Power Reserve ~40 hours
Vibrations Per Hour
28,800 – 36,000 bph
Lift Angle
Needs confirmed
Shock Protection Incabloc
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models
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The ETA 2700 family of movements was produced in the 1960s-1970s. The calibers from the 2700 series are considered to be predecessors to the ubiquitous ETA caliber 2824-2 framework that most watch enthusiasts are familiar with today.

Calibers in the ETA 2700 series:

  • ETA 2722 – Automatic, 11.5”’, 28,800 bph, time-only (no date)
  • ETA 2724 – Automatic, 11.5”’, 28,800 bph, quickset date
  • ETA 2728 – Automatic, 11.5”’, 28,800 bph, quickset day/date
  • ETA 2732 – Automatic, 11.5”’, 36,000 bph, time-only (no date)
  • ETA 2734 – Automatic, 11.5”’, 36,000 bph, quickset date
  • ETA 2738 – Automatic, 11.5”’, 36,000 bph, quickset day/date

ETA 27XX Similarities and Differences:

All of the 2700 movements are automatics with a diameter of 11.5 lignes. The differences between calibers is mainly the beat rate (28,800 vs 36,000 bph) and the calendar complication (no-date, date, day date). All of the date or day/date versions are quickset.

Similar Families:

The ETA 2700 family of movements is similar to the 2500 and 2600 series which were produced with lower beat rates.

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