ISA Caliber 9238 quartz watch movement specs and pics

ISA Caliber 9238/1970

ISA Caliber 9238 quartz watch movement specs and pics

Manufacturer ISA
Caliber Number 9238/1970
Type Quartz
Diameter 10 1/2”’ x 4.13mm thick
Battery Cell Number 371
Stem 401-1610
Hand Sizes 150/90/20
Jewels 0
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds, day subdial, date subdial, 24 hour subdial
Country of Manufacture China
Known Models

At the time of this post, this movement was found at replacement prices of $18.95 USD. The engraving on the pictured example states: ISA Cal. 9238 / 0 JEWEL / FAR EAST ASS’Y / CHINA / INVICTA WATCH GROUP. Picture submitted by Watch Flipr.

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2 years ago

hi anyone, would like to know the current consumption and threshold voltage on this caliber..please

Stephen Tremaine
Stephen Tremaine
2 years ago

My experience of ISA movement in general, over the last year I have bought about 140 NOS watches in joblots, 6 were mechanical the rest were quartz, the quartz movements were mostly Miyota, I don’t recall a single one where the battery had leaked, the rest were ISA and so far nearly every one opened has a leaked battery, only one unleaked so far, I have got at least one left to open, I know what i’d bet money on being like. I wonder why this is? Maybe they are all good nowadays, the ones I have bought are vintage… Read more »

2 years ago

I have this trip of watch

Seagull Caliber St19

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