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Eta Caliber F03111

ETA Caliber F03.111

Eta Caliber F03111

Manufacturer ETA
Caliber Number F03.111
Lignes 7.75”’
2.5mm (3.7mm overall)
32,768 Hz
Battery Cell Number 364 or 377 (see below)
Stem 401-906, tap 10
Hand Sizes 1.20mm / .70mm / .20mm
Jewels 3
Functions Central hours; central minutes; central seconds; date
Country of Manufacture Switzerland, Swiss made
Known Models
Ladies TAG Heuer WJF1319 (Add your watch in the comments below…)

The ETA caliber F03.111 (also written as F03111) is part of ETA’s Trendline family of quartz watch movements. These movements are stamped “V8” indicating their origin is Swiss from the ETA factory. Official tech sheets for this caliber were found dated as far back as November 11, 2009, however, this movement may have been available before that date. The most recent updates the documentation were on June 28, 2016.

ETA caliber F03.111

F03.111 VS F03.11A:

F03.111 is used as a replacement for ETA caliber F03.11A (F03.11, F0311), which was a Swiss parts movement with 0 jewels, made in China (yes, there are ETA movements made in China, shocker!). Both calibers share the same dimensions and functionality.

Eta Caliber F03 11a

Battery Replacement:

The replacement battery cell number for this calibre is 364 (SR621SW).

ETA claims that a 20mAh battery will last 34 months and a 28mAh battery will last 48 months in this movement. This is relevant because official ETA documentation calls for the choice of either battery cell number 364 or 377. The 364 cell is 2.65mm tall and the 377 is 3.1mm tall. This means that if your watch will accommodate it, the taller 377 with more amp hours (Ah) will last longer.

When replacing the battery, be careful not to lose the battery insulator – a translucent orange colored tab (sometimes black) that goes below the battery cell.

Depending on the watch design, the battery may have a spacer above it (also called a limit spring). This is sometimes used if the battery is far from the caseback, in thicker watches.

EOL Indicator:

This movement features an end of battery life indicator aka EOL. When the battery is running low on power, the second hand will jump two seconds. Although it appears to be skipping a second when in this mode, the watch can still keep accurate time until the battery runs completely out.

Extracting the crown and stem:

In order to remove the crown and stem from the F03.111, the crown should be in neutral position (in other words, not in date or time setting position). There is an arrow etched into the movement near a hole that is located in the region of the stem. There is a tiny button (technically a lever) inside the hole… gently press it with the tip of your tweezers or other tool while carefully pulling the stem out.

Eta Caliber F03 111 Stem Removal

Coil Replacement:

If your watch is no longer functioning, and you replaced the battery (also checking to make sure the battery tests good), there is a chance that the coil needs replaced. The coil (officially called the electronic module, and in this case is actually attached to a circuit) is part number 7613226016507 and can often be found online for around $15-20. You may be wondering why someone would want to replace the coil for that price when they can just replace the entire movement? That is because it is a lot less work to replace the coil than it is to completely remove the movement, hands, etc.

One good place to start troubleshooting after verifying the battery is indeed working, is to replace the coil. If you have the equipment to do so, you may want to test the coil on your watch first before ordering the part. Keep in mind that if the coil is not the culprit, it could be that your watch is simply in need of a service or has broken gears, etc. In that case, an entire replacement may be more feasible.

Replacement Prices:

At the time of this post, replacement prices for the cal. F03.111 were found online at around $26.95 – $34.64 USD.

Caliber Commentary:

From Tick Talk:

“The movement above is the ETA F03.111. It has 3 Jewels and lots of plastic, including complete wheels and pivots in the gear train (it’s what I would expect from a low end Seiko or a Timex). Don’t get me wrong. Plastic isn’t bad but it evokes poor quality and the rest of the movement follows. I would never service one of these movements, it would simply get replaced.”

“…The F03.111 is a part of ETA’s Trendline which they describe as “economical movements for mass produced watches.” In contrast ETA’s Flatline watches which include the movement is described as “flat, reliable, numerous functions, high performances.” Which would you rather have in your watch?” (Source:

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7 years ago

My wife has this movement in her TAG watch. I spent $20 to get the battery replaced and now I learn that the movement itself costs about that much. WTF!?

1 year ago
Reply to  Gammon

You were simply CRAZY to spend such amount of money for this battery replacement! Shops often are waiting for naive people to steal money! I replace the batteries of all my quartz watches from myself, and using only RENATA batteries brand (the best in the world), with 2 euros each, on Amazon!

John Blazys
John Blazys
4 years ago

I’m so happy I stumbled onto this website. The insides of a watch always felt like a mystery. “This watch has a great movement”. How can I know this is true. But as I compare watches and find that a luxury watch might have the same movement as my more lesser quality watch, I can make a more knowledgeable decision as to how much more value will the brand name provide for my daily usage

2 years ago

I have this movement inside my Tissot PR100 which was discounted to 185 GBP.
As such a 25 GBP movement fits well into the type of watch (its hardly a TCQ Grand Seiko !).
I’d be far unhappier if I’d bought a TAG ladies Aquaracer at 10x the price to find it boasted the same movement.
That said, and maybe I’m lucky, but its keeping excellent time to well within 2 sec per month.

Roland koh
Roland koh
1 year ago

Where can I buy hour and minute gold love hard shaped hands for F03 111 movement, thanks.

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