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ETA caliber F03.111

ETA Caliber F03.111

ETA caliber F03.111

Manufacturer ETA
Caliber Number F03.111
Dimensions 7 3/4”’ (17.2mm) x 2.5mm thick
Battery Cell Number 364
Stem 401-906, tap 10
Hand Sizes 120, 70, 20 (this needs confirmed)
Jewels 3
Functions Hours, minutes, central seconds, date, end of battery indicator
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Known Models
Ladies TAG Heuer WJF1319

The caliber F03.111 is part of ETA‘s Trendline line-up. ETA claims that a 20mAh battery will last 34 months and a 28mAh battery will last 48 months in this movement. Replacement prices were found at around $26.95 at the time of this post.

From Tick Talk:

“The movement above is the ETA F03.111. It has 3 Jewels and lots of plastic, including complete wheels and pivots in the gear train (it’s what I would expect from a low end Seiko or a Timex). Don’t get me wrong. Plastic isn’t bad but it evokes poor quality and the rest of the movement follows. I would never service one of these movements, it would simply get replaced.”

Please allow us to interrupt your gear turning and caliber learning to say thank you. Thank you for being here! Now, back to the movement..

“…The F03.111 is a part of ETA’s Trendline which they describe as “economical movements for mass produced watches.” In contrast ETA’s Flatline watches which include the movement is described as “flat, reliable, numerous functions, high performances.” Which would you rather have in your watch?”

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My wife has this movement in her TAG watch. I spent $20 to get the battery replaced and now I learn that the movement itself costs about that much. WTF!?